New Graco Reactor 3 E-20 and E-30 Proportioners |New Graco Reactor 3 E-20 and E-30 Proportioners 

By Kevin Malone

Since creating the first Reactor proportioner in the early 2000s, Graco has used its decades of expertise in the fluid-handling industry to roll out next-generation models that improve upon their predecessors. For years, Graco Reactor 2 proportioners have given spray foam contractors some of the best experiences in the industry, offering cutting-edge solutions to save time and improve results. Now, in 2022, the time has come to unveil the Graco Reactor 3.

Even though Graco spray foam machines already stand out from the competition, the company's techs and experts are always in pursuit of better performance. What sets the new Reactor 3 proportioners apart from the previous generation, and how can you get one in your fleet this year? Let's take a look at the E-20 and E-30, two of the most popular electric spray foam machines on the market, and how they are improved in the Reactor 3 product line.

The Next Generation of Graco Reactors

Though today we are focusing on the two most popular models, the Graco Reactor 3 series currently includes four models that make the sprayer's job more profitable and efficient:

Each model is available in standard, pro, and elite versions to offer the capabilities and price points to suit the diverse needs of spray foam contractors. Also, it's easier than ever to upgrade your Reactor 3 system as your needs grow. To find out which model is the best for your business, contact one of our representatives, who will be happy to assist you.

Addressing User Feedback

So, why improve on an already great product line? Graco believes that even great inventions can be made better. When you listen to the feedback of customers, they can give you insights into changes that were initially not seen as an issue. Even small details, like simplifying the touch screen interface or redesigning the fluid manifolds to be side-mounted, result in higher user satisfaction. By taking user comments to heart, Graco's tireless team has made noteworthy improvements to fix the most common contractor concerns:

  • 'I can't stay on ratio.' Common problems like air in the fluid lines or the transfer pump not feeding the reactor correctly can result in bad spray foam. Since making spray foam is a precise science, even a small change can affect the quality of your results. In the Reactor 3 series, the robust new Katalyst system keeps iso and resin levels under constant surveillance.
  • 'I need a complete system that communicates with each other.' Instead of piecing together different components at will, the Reactor 3 is a complete system where the electric transfer pumps can 'talk' directly with the proportioner through the new Katalyst system. This results in seamless operation without any question.
  • 'I need more profits and less downtime.' Through more automated features and simpler operation, all the improvements add up to maximize yields, minimize waste, and decrease downtime even more. If you've been satisfied with the Reactor 2 already, imagine how much a Reactor 3 can do for you!
  • 'I need more room in my rig.' The Reactor 3 product line is overall more compact.  For instance, all proportioners are now shorter, more compact, and have a smaller footprint.

So, What's New?

The Reactor 3 comes with significant improvements to address the most common feedback from spray foam contractors. Here are more specifics on the new components:

  • Improved cellular antenna with GPS ? great for jobs in areas with 'not so great' service.
  • Modern, touchscreen-only interface for an easier user experience. Cellular software updates are also included.
  • Improved ISO lube system with peristaltic pump that automatically circulates ISO lube.
  • A 2x larger inlet filter area than Reactor 2 models.
  • For elite models, separate temperature and pressure sensors to read temperatures more accurately.
  • Graco's new Xcelerator internally heated hoses can be set to different temperatures
  • New motor control and temperature boards.
  • Redesigned fluid manifold with side-mounted valves for easier turning and control.
  • New 3,500 PSI forged flow meters that are relocated under the shroud (elite models).

For more information about how the Reactor 3 stands out from its previous generation, explore Graco's website. Click on the yellow circles on the images to present text boxes that explain each exciting new feature.

Graco Reactor E-20

The Graco Reactor E-20 still offers excellent mid-volume production that is favored by residential contractors. With plenty of power and longevity, it remains the gold standard for residential electric-powered SPF machines. Along with the aforementioned improvements that affect all Reactor models, here are its unique specs:

  • Motor: 1.8 HP Brushless
  • Max Flow: 2 GPM (foam models) 1.5 GPM (polyurea models)
  • Max Pressure: 2,000 PSI (foam) 3,000 PSI (polyurea)
  • Primary Heat: 7kW single block (standard) 7kW or 10 kW single block (Pro) or 10kW single block (Elite)
  • Max hose length: 220 feet

Graco Reactor E-30

The Graco Reactor E-30 provides the same dependable and powerful performance that rivals hydraulic systems. However, the updates to its interface and other components make it even better. Here are its specs:

  • Motor: 2.5 HP Brushless
  • Max Flow: 3 GPM (foam models) 2 GPM (polyurea models)
  • Max Pressure: 2,000 PSI (foam) 3,500 PSI (polyurea)
  • Primary Heat: 10kW Single block (standard) 10kW or 15 kW single block (Pro) or 15kW single block (Elite)
  • Max hose length: 320 feet

Do You Need Financing?

We know that sometimes the best equipment may be slightly out of reach for direct out-of-pocket expenses. Invest in your business and get financing today. We also finance used equipment if you need something economical to get through a season. For more information, check out our financing calculator.

Graco Reactor 3 Models for Sale at Intech Equipment & Supply

Intech Equipment and Supply is a leading supplier of top spray foam equipment brands like Graco. The latest generation of Graco Reactor 3 machines is an exciting development in the spray foam world.  If you want to learn more about this field-tested, contractor-approved innovation that is backed by industry-leading support, speak with our sales team today.

The new Graco Reactor 3 series spray foam machines include features contractors have requested. Contact us to add the Reactor E-20 and E-30 to your spray rig.

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