Perfecting the Spray Foam Insulation Trailer Setup

By Kevin Malone

The spray foam trailer setup you choose will make a big difference in how you work. The right layout can make for an efficient workflow. However, it goes beyond that. You need organized storage, an optimized layout, adequate equipment, sufficient power, temperature control and more.

The spray foam experts at Intech Equipment and Supply build custom rigs for contractors. Decades of experience have helped refine the design and build process to create ideal layouts. Depending on the type of jobs you handle and what you are looking for, the Intech team can help you get the perfect spray foam trailer setup for your business.

Here are some of the key items to consider for your spray foam insulation trailer.

Interior Layout

You will want to think through the layout of your spray foam insulation trailer based on workflows and preferences. It helps to map out how you need to move through the trailer and how frequently you need to access different items. Make sure to leave enough space to maneuver around items for maintenance. Do not forget that you may be wearing bulky protective gear when doing so.

When placing pumps, generators, hose reels and fixed components, you want an efficient arrangement that is also ergonomic. Having to constantly bend or reach for materials can cause strain and fatigue, especially during those long work days.

Storage Solutions

One of the biggest challenges in a spray foam trailer is efficiently storing all of the equipment you need, from spray rigs to tools to protective equipment. When designing storage areas, you also need to think about weight distribution. Consider placing heavier items, like chemical storage or spare tanks, between axles, and make sure you have the right type of shelving for support.

Mount tools and gear you use regularly on walls or doors so you can grab them and get to work quickly.

Spray Foam Equipment

Choosing the right equipment for your spray foam trailer setup is crucial. It is best to work with an experienced spray foam equipment distributor, like Intech Equipment and Supply, to size your equipment for the type of jobs you do. Getting the wrong equipment can be a costly mistake.

It is easy to overlook key components or various factors with a DIY trailer setup. For example, you may know you need a specific length of hose for typical jobs but forget to install hoseracks or allow for storage.

Temperature Control

Spray foam chemicals and equipment work best within certain temperature ranges. Depending on where and when you work, you will likely need air conditioning and heating to maintain the right temps. A climate-controlled trailer ensures you can keep everything at the right temp whether you are working on the job site or storing chemicals.


You also have some choices to make when it comes to power. You need the rightsized generator to power pumps, lights, heating/cooling, etc.

If you do any work at night, you may want to consider exterior floodlights and plenty of light for the interior. You will also want to think about outlet placement, both inside and outside the spray foam insulation trailer, for easy access and charging equipment.

Clean Up

You should also have storage bins for cleaning chemicals and supplies like buckets, brushes and rags. Additionally, it is a good idea to have separate storage for dirty gear to keep it separate from clean items.


Make sure you have outfitted your spray foam trailer setup with the proper safety equipment, such as placing fire extinguishers near doors so you can grab them quickly if needed. You will also want to account for space for first aid kits and an eyewash station.

The design of your trailer needs to allow for safe operation, so do not forget about proper ventilation to avoid chemical vapor buildup and proper flow to prevent tripping or slipping when working inside.

Intech Equipment and Supply can help you design the perfect spray foam insulation trailer for you. We offer turnkey and custom builds to meet your specs. With a combined 150+ years of experience in the spray foam industry, we know what it takes to build the best spray foam insulation trailer layout.

Call Intech Equipment and Supply at 866-652-9975 or contact us online today to get started on the perfect spray foam trailer setup for your business.

About Kevin Malone
Kevin Malone is a leading expert in the spray foam insulation industry with 34 years of experience in spray foam fluid handling and a passion for innovation. He currently offers his extensive knowledge to Intech Equipment and Supply customers by supporting them in selecting quality spray foam equipment to optimize their business. Learn more about Kevin here.


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