Don’t Buy a PMC Spray Foam Rig Before Reading This Article

By Kevin Malone

Before buying a PMC spray foam rig-or any other spray foam equipment—you need to think about the types of jobs you’ll take on and the volume of business you plan to handle. Think about both current and future needs. For example, whether you are doing small jobs like home spray foam, slab jacking, commercial roofing, or large-scale industrial applications, the size and power of the PMC spray foam machine will make a big difference.

You will want to consider:

  • Output: Right-sizing the rig to meet your job type.
  • Power source: Electric, gas, diesel, or air.
  • Crew size: Number of techs needed to spray the job.
  • Rig type: Towable trailer, mini trailer, box truck, or portable with wheels.

If you work on projects that require a lot of touch-up work, you might want to consider whether you need a second, smaller unit to avoid tying up high-output spray foam insulation equipment on small jobs.

PMC Spray Foam Machines

You will want to compare your requirements with the different types of PMC spray foam machines available:

  • The PMC PH-2 is the most affordable hydraulic proportioner option.
  • The PMC PH-25 proportioner offers even more value and rugged design for mid-sized jobs with a lightweight, small-footprint design.
  • The PMC PH-40 is the high-output workhorse of the PMC fleet of proportioners.

Here is a quick comparison of the specs:






Up to 28 lbs/min

Up to 30 lbs/min

Up to 40 lbs/min

Heated Hose Length

210–410 ft

310 ft

410 ft


415 lbs

500 lbs

555 lbs

Heater Wattage

7,500–14,000 watts

8,000–15,000 watts

15,000–21,000 watts

Max Operating Pressure

2,000 psi

2,000 psi

2,000 psi

Max Fluid Temp

190 °F

190 °F

190 °F

Proportioner Warranty

1 year

2 years

2 years

Best Suited For

Small jobs (<2,000 sq ft), residential homes

Residential (2,000-4,000 sq ft), attics, walls, roofs, slab jacking

Large residential and commercial (>4,000 sq ft) walls, tanks, roofs


PMC, the Polyurethane Machinery Corporation, offers durable, high-quality, American-made products for residential, commercial, and industrial jobs. Its machines are designed to operate even in the toughest environments to make sure you can get the job done right.

New Vs. Used PMC Spray Foam Machines

When it comes to spray foam equipment, one of the biggest considerations is whether to buy new or used equipment. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages.

Buying New

Buying a brand-new spray foam rig means getting the latest technology and features, as manufacturers are continuously upgrading machine components and developing improved proportional controls.

New equipment also usually comes with a full manufacturer’s warranty, which protects against defects. With a new rig, you also know what you’re getting in terms of wear and tear. However, new foam machines will be more expensive. Such an investment may not be viable for those with limited budgets.

Buying Used

Going the used spray foam equipment route significantly reduces your upfront cost. Older models still spray high-quality foam and get the job done — especially when you are choosing a high-quality PMC spray foam rig.

A solid pre-owned unit allows small businesses to get into foam application without a gigantic equipment loan or lease or enables larger contractors to add additional units or backup.

However, you will want to factor in maintenance cost and total cost of operation (TCO). While quality used rigs can last for years, there will be more wear and tear on the unit and require more maintenance and replacement sooner. Most units come with no warranty or limited warranty, which can mean higher out-of-pocket expenses.

Working with a trusted and reliable provider like Intech Equipment & Supply can help you decide which is the right PMC spray foam equipment for you. If you choose to look at used equipment, we provide thorough inspections and honest evaluations so you know exactly what you’re buying and can make an informed decision.

Accessories and Parts

PMC offers a lineup of top-quality accessories and parts—from spray foam guns to heated hoses to transfer pumps. You can find accessories and replacement parts at Intech Equipment & Supply. We can also help you find equipment from other manufacturers that will be compatible with your PMC spray foam rig.

We also build turnkey custom spray foam rigs.

Looking for PMC spray foam rigs? Contact Intech Equipment & Supply at 866-652-9975 or contact us online today.

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