Checklist: Shopping for Spray Foam Rigs for Sale Near You

By Kevin Malone

If you are looking to buy a spray foam insulation rig for sale, there are several important factors to research and consider before making this major purchase. If you are searching online for spray foam rigs for sale near me, use this checklist to find the right fit for your business and budget.

A Comprehensive Checklist for Evaluating Spray Foam Insulation Rigs for Sale

☑️ Determine Your Production Volume Needs

It is crucial to assess your expected spray foam output needs so you select equipment sized appropriately for your demand.

  • Estimate what size projects and volume you will be spraying during an average week or month
  • Match your output needs to equipment that can handle the desired volume
  • Avoid under-sizing or oversizing your rig unnecessarily

☑️ New vs Used Spray Foam Rig

Carefully weighing the tradeoffs of purchasing new versus used equipment will help you get the best value for your budget.

  • Weigh the benefits of new equipment warranties and reliability vs. used savings
  • Thoroughly inspect any used machine; check maintenance records, component wear, and repairs needed
  • Consider financing options to fund purchases if necessary.

☑️ Size/Output of Components

Making sure your foam rig components, like pumps, heaters, and compressors, are adequately powered is crucial for efficient output.

  • Compare output rates of resin pumps and heaters to meet production goals
  • Confirm adequate HP and CFM rates on air compressors
  • Verify sufficient electricity capacity for equipment power demands

☑️ Spray Foam Machine Weight and Configuration

The configuration of your foam rig impact mobility, transport, and ease of operation.

  • Assess component layout and hose lengths for ease of operation
  • Compare trailer-mounted vs. box truck-mounted equipment for mobility needs

☑️ Types of Spray Foam Pumps

Knowing the relative benefits of different spray foam pumps informs the best selection for your applications.

  • Compare the relative advantages of hydraulic, electric, or air-driven pumps
  • Check pump fluid pressure or flow rates based on output requirements
  • Evaluate precision, pressure, and control capabilities

☑️ Heater Output and Temperature Controls

Properly heated and precisely controlled temperatures are key for quality foam application. Make sure the heater matches or exceeds supplier recommendations

☑️ Hose Package Specifications

The hoses are often an under-valued part of the equation but crucial to delivering high-quality foam work.

  • Review hose diameter, length, and flexibility for reach capabilities
  • Compare the ratio of input and output line sizes for output efficiency
  • Look for ball valves and drain points for ease of purging/flushing

☑️ Spray Guns and Applicators

  • Choose optimal guns for desired spray patterns and coverage
  • Consider optional applicators like pour foamers for small gaps/cracks
  • Review spare parts/consumables readily available for components

☑️Additional Accessories and Gear

Allowing room in your budget for complementary accessories, gear, and replacement parts is also important.

  • Include protective equipment like spray foam suits, respirators, and gloves
  • Budget for maintenance items
  • Factor in materials, like fuel, oil, and spray nozzles, that are regularly replaced

☑️ Support and Service

After-purchase vendor support for training, maintenance, and troubleshooting protects your investment.

  • Ask about ongoing training, maintenance, and troubleshooting help
  • Inquire if remote diagnostics is possible to pinpoint operational issues
  • Review the availability of repair services if equipment goes down

☑️ Work with a Quality Distributor

Partnering with an experienced, reputable equipment distributor like Intech Equipment & Supply ensures you get the best-fit spray foam insulation rig for sale for your contracting business.

  • Verify extensive industry experience and strong reputation
  • Ask for referrals from current satisfied spray foam contractor customers
  • Look for full equipment offerings plus parts, service, and warranty support

Find High-Quality Spray Foam Rigs for Sale Near Me

Following this checklist when evaluating spray foam insulation rigs for sale will help you select equipment well-matched for your insulation business needs and budget.

This checklist may seem complex, but getting the right fit is crucial to maximize your investment. The spray foam experts at Intech Equipment & Supply can work with you to find the perfect fit. They have decades of experience in the spray foam business and work with all of the top manufacturers.

Call Intech Equipment & Supply at 866-652-9975 or contact us online today. We will find you the spray foam insulation rig for sale you need.

About Kevin Malone
Kevin Malone is a leading expert in the spray foam insulation industry with 34 years of experience in spray foam fluid handling and a passion for innovation. He currently offers his extensive knowledge to Intech Equipment and Supply customers by supporting them in selecting quality spray foam equipment to optimize their business. Learn more about Kevin here.


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