Spray Foam Equipment Price Factors

By Kevin Malone

Every contractor in the spray foam industry asks this question: How much does spray foam insulation equipment cost? So, let’s get the answer out of the way: It depends.

The key to determining spray foam insulation equipment cost is to understand the factors that impact price. In this article, we will explore these factors to help you choose the right equipment for your spray foam business.

Spray Foam Rig Types

Spray foam rigs are a significant investment. Pricing can vary greatly, as can value. Costs depend in large part on the type of rig you are looking for. Portable rigs will be less expensive than fully-equipped trailers or trucks.

For example, a Graco E-20 reactor might cost around $25,000 while a turnkey trailer with all the bells and whistles can go into the six figures.

Less expensive spray foam equipment only works when it can run cost-effectively and handle the type of jobs you take on. If you have to constantly take a piece of equipment out of service for maintenance, there is less time left to take on paying jobs. If you get undersized equipment, it can turn into much longer days to complete work, cutting into your hourly profit.

On the flip side, high-capacity machines may be overkill for residential jobs, which will impact your return on investment (ROI).

So, you will want to consider the type of jobs you want to do. An air-driven or electric machine may work fine but will have lower pressure and output compared to a hydraulic machine that can handle large amounts of square footage. The pros at Intech Equipment & Supply can help you find the perfect fit for your business and optimize your budget.

Key Components

Besides the basic type of rig, there is a long list of components that will impact spray foam insulation equipment costs. Some of the big ones include:


Pumps feed materials to the spray gun. The higher the output rate, the more production you get. You will want to consider the capacity, pressure, and output you need.


With spray foam insulation, maintaining chemical and material temperature is crucial to proper application. Heater pricing will vary depending on BTU capacity, target temperature ranges, and the type of fuel required.


What length hose do you need, and what size is right for you? The answers will impact the cost. Hose diameter impacts flow rate, but larger diameter hoses will be more expensive. The longer a hose is, the higher the cost—and you may need a larger hose  rack to store it.

Spray Guns

There are plenty of options when it comes to spray guns. Spray foam guns can range from $2,500 to $4,500 depending on the model and features. The cost will also depend on the kind of foam you’re spraying and the type of spray gun you want. There are mechanical and air-purge. Each type of gun will be rated for flow and output.

With spray foam guns, you want to factor in comfort. Ergonomics are important for operators to avoid fatigue.


Then, there are accessories. Spray tip kits, hose reels, retrofit kits, cleaning supplies, replacement parts, and more. You will also need to factor in these items to answer the question: How much does spray foam insulation equipment cost?

Other Factors Influencing Spray Foam Insulation Equipment Cost

We’re not done yet. Other factors that impact price include:

  • New vs. used: With used spray foam equipment, you can often reduce your initial investment by 40% to 50%, but you may lack higher-end functionality and have shortened equipment lifecycles.
  • Advanced tech: Modern spray foam rigs can come with all sorts of bells and whistles, such as automatic shutoff to avoid overload, digital monitoring and data logging, and remote access.
  • Brands and reliability: Big-name suppliers will generally be a bit more expensive, but you can trust them—especially companies like Graco and PMC, that have been around for a long time.
  • As-is vs. warranty: Newer models usually have a warranty built into the cost. Used equipment generally comes as-is.
  • Customization: Distributors like Intech Equipment & Supply can build turnkey spray foam rigs or customize your equipment.

Maximizing Your Spray Foam Insulation Equipment Costs

When you’re trying to strike a balance between cost and productivity, trust the spray foam experts at Intech Equipment to help you make the right decision.

Call Intech Equipment & Supply at 866-652-9975 or contact us online today to get a quote.

About Kevin Malone
Kevin Malone is a leading expert in the spray foam insulation industry with 34 years of experience in spray foam fluid handling and a passion for innovation. He currently offers his extensive knowledge to Intech Equipment and Supply customers by supporting them in selecting quality spray foam equipment to optimize their business. Learn more about Kevin here.


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