The Spray Foam Parts You Need to Keep Equipment Running

By Kevin Malone

At Intech Equipment & Supply, we talk a lot about the 'big' equipment you need, such as spray foam machines, generators, and spray foam guns. But you also need spray foam parts and accessories to keep your equipment running. Without them, you can experience interruptions due to maintenance needs or downtime that cause you to miss deadlines. Equipping your rig with the right spare parts and accessories ensures your entire operation will run smoothly regardless of the type of job you are working on. These are the spray foam parts you need to keep your equipment running.

Maintenance: A Part of the Job

Even the best spray foam equipment needs routine maintenance. Neglect it, and you will pay later by replacing your equipment sooner than you would like. While you can spare yourself a lot of trouble by getting high-quality equipment in the first place, you can extend its life by doing preventative maintenance and replacing parts when needed.

Sticking to an equipment maintenance routine can significantly impact how long your equipment lasts ? as well as your profit margin. These are some parts and accessories that make your rig's upkeep easy.

Cold Weather, Meet PowerBlanket Accessories

Proper industrial heating equipment is a must when you work with spray foam and other materials like concrete because it helps you work much more efficiently and prevent costly material waste.

Powerblanket Industrial Heating equipment is your friend if you want to spray foam in colder climates. These accessories can prevent freezing, speed up ground thaw times, and help cure materials. Contractors who work in cold climates should have a couple of Powerblanket drum covers to keep materials at the right temperature.

Transfer Pumps and Other SPF Equipment Replacement Parts

Transfer pumps play a major role in processing and moving materials within your spray foam system. If these break down, it is impossible to complete the job. Continued operation leads to an inevitable build-up when you work with multiple materials, which means routine maintenance and repairs are mandatory for your rig's full functionality.

No matter what brand of transfer pump you use ? IPM, Graco, or PMC ? we have the parts you need to keep the pump running. Contact our expert team for recommendations if you are ever in doubt about what parts to order to maintain your maintenance schedule. Our online store is consistently stocked with essentials such as:

  • Air cylinders
  • Adjustable bung adapters
  • Gaskets
  • Pistons
  • Air caps

You can order parts as needed or have repair parts on hand at job sites to avoid delays. This same rule applies to spray foam machine replacement parts and spray foam guns. Since the parts you need are specific to the brand and model, it is best to consult your spray foam machine manual to ensure you order the correct items. Whether you need a new orb plug, an 'A' orifice, or a new heated hose, we can send what you need quickly.

Roofing Equipment

If you are a commercial roofer, roofing parts and accessories are essential to your business. We carry a variety of essential Hennes Johnson roofing equipment for roofers, such as pumps, sprayers, material heaters, power rollers, mixers, and bulk caulk loaders. If you have questions about these products or are wondering if a different custom rig package would work better for your needs, contact our experts for help.

Hose Racks

Excellent organization is a large part of an efficient business, and accessories like hose racks will protect your hoses for years. A rack is often an overlooked spray foam accessory, but installing one in your rig can make a huge difference in how clean it looks and how easy it is to assemble and tear down equipment on job sites. By rolling up your hoses between jobs, you will reduce their wear and tear, ensuring better performance and reducing the maintenance needed.                    

Finance Your Next Steps

Spray foam equipment involves a significant investment, and maintenance is one of the best ways to protect it. When your equipment has reached the end of its useful life, you can upgrade to the model you want without paying out of pocket. Intech offers in-house financing for new and used spray foam equipment. We even have options for used spray foam rigs. For more information, check out our financing calculator.

Spray Foam Parts for Sale at Intech Equipment & Supply

Our large selection of spray foam parts will help you keep your new and used spray foam equipment functioning at full capacity. Contact us to learn more.

About Kevin Malone
Kevin Malone is a leading expert in the spray foam insulation industry with 34 years of experience in spray foam fluid handling and a passion for innovation. He currently offers his extensive knowledge to Intech Equipment and Supply customers by supporting them in selecting quality spray foam equipment to optimize their business. Learn more about Kevin here.


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