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By Kevin Malone

The spray foam gun is where the spray foam chemicals are combined to create spray foam. But without properly cleaning and maintaining your spray foam guns, they won't function properly or last long. Because good spray foam guns come at a premium, knowing the proper way to use and maintain them is essential to run a thriving spray foam business.

At Intech Equipment and Supply, we sell high-quality new andused spray foam guns that are necessary for precise applications for jobs ofall volume scales. Our sales team has hands-on experience in the SPF industryand can recommend the best spray foam guns for your application needs.

Here are some of our tips for using spray foam guns successfully:

Basic Operation

Though every gun has its specific design and instructions,there are a few universal operational factors to keep in mind.

  • Safety First: Purchase industry-approved safety gear to cover your face, eyes, and skin. Do not commence any project without protecting yourself first.
  • Choose your TipsWisely: The type of gun and tip you'll need depends on the nature of theupcoming project. If you need help selecting your tips, talk to our customerservice staff today.
  • Practice MakesPerfect: Just as with any skill, you'll need to practice with your selectedgun and tip to apply spray foam evenly. The weight of your spray foam gun andtype of spray tip will affect how you hold the gun and handle its movements.The material expands quickly, so it takes precision and control to apply andeven depth of spray foam.
  • Set theEnvironment: It's important to keep the air temperature in the recommendedrange of 75 to 85 degrees for the best results.
  • Know how totroubleshoot problems: Jams are one of the most common grievances, even theoperators of top quality guns have. Because polyurea is a viscous material thatdries quickly, this problem can happen after interrupted use. Generally,troubleshooting this issue has the contractor start at the most accessiblesource of the issue, like the nozzle, and work their way onward until theyidentify the reason.

It's also a best practice to always have at least two sprayfoam guns at your disposal during a job. If one needs troubleshooting, you canget another team member going to finish the job on time with the spare unit.

Keep Your Spray Foam Guns Free of Debris

If you don't keep your guns free of debris, you won't beable to apply spray foam evenly. Because every model has its own unique set ofparts and makeup, follow the manufacturer's guidelines for maintenancestrictly.

  • For example, The Graco AP Fusion gun manual recommends a set of daily, weekly, monthly, and as-needed maintenance. Its daily maintenance includes the shutdown procedure which involves depressurization and greasing.

Following the appropriate shutdown procedure after use is important for any type of spray foam gun. A common cause of poor performance is leaving a gun overnight without cleaning it after a day of use. Being diligent with timely and thorough maintenance can spare you hours of extra cleanup and wasted money from buying new equipment.

Getting A Good Spray Foam Gun Makes All The Difference

Regardless of how diligent your maintenance and operationare, if you choose a low-quality gun, you'll be paying for it later with morefrequent interruptions, breakdowns, and poor performance. Getting a goodproduct from the start will help you apply spray foam better.

At Intech Equipment and Supply, we sell the best spray foamguns and also have a complete database of parts, manuals, diagrams, andoperational instructions. Our customer service staff are highly experienced inthe spray foam industry and can help you over the phone. We can also send atech or replacement parts to you within 24 hours because we have convenientlocations throughout the continental United States.

Spray Foam Guns For Sale

These spray foam guntips are just a sample of the information available on our website. IntechEquipment and Supply is a proud distributor of spray foam guns and otherequipment.

Contact us to see what's new and what custom spray foam rigs, machines, guns, and accessories can enrich your spray foam business.

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