Top 3 Spray Foam Machines for Sale in 2020

By Kevin Malone

The year 2020 has been eventful, and we all appreciate more than ever the critical role technology plays in our lives. Although the world seems to have changed a lot, repairs and new construction that depend on SPF applications have continued. Knowledgeable spray foam contractors who know how to maintain their equipment and when to upgrade to stay current with industry demands are ahead of the game. This year, contractors favored some classics as well as a few newcomers to the SPF world. Here are our top 3 spray foam machines for sale in 2020.

1: Graco Reactor 2 E-XP2 Elite

This perennial favorite spray foam machine for sale from Graco is customizable to offer different specs to meet a wide variety of applications. Intelligently designed and highly responsive to the performance needs of SPF contractors, the Reactor 2 series offers smooth and consistent spray foam applications. Its cutting edge remote reporting technology records results and stores information. It also comes with a new design that is easy to maintain and service and it takes up less space than previous models. Its modern circuitry design prevents power surge destruction and promises constant operation during power supply fluctuations.

This elite model features Graco InSite technology that allows you to monitor, track and save relevant job site and project information. Operators can track productivity and access machines remotely, which is a big benefit in this age of social distancing. It also boosts customer satisfaction because of its ability to confirm that a job is being sprayed correctly. If anything is amiss, the Reactor 2 Elite is easy to troubleshoot with its QR error codes.

We particularly praise the Reactor 2 E-XP2, which is available as a standalone unit or can be ordered as part of a system. Packages include:

  • Fusion AP with AR4242 mixing chamber or Probler P2 Gun
    • Either gun package comes with a 10' whip hose and 50' heated hose.
  • Graco InSite Technology
  • 15 KW heater (with the option to upgrade)
  • Inlet temperature and pressure sensors
  • Xtreme wrap scuff guard for hoses

2: PMC PH-2 Proportioner

The PMC Proportioner PH-2 is among PMC's newest generation of spray foam machines for sale. Affordable and easy to maintain, this model's value continues to pleasantly surprise contractors because it does not perform like a bargain machine. The PH-2 is also CE certified, lightweight, and does not take up a lot of space in your rig. It is a favorite among contractors who need a mobile and lightweight model to maneuver in dynamic situations.

In particular, residential, small-scale projects benefit a lot from the PH-2's mobility and flexibility. When you are determined to stay on schedule, this is the kind of spray foam equipment that makes the process as seamless as possible. Here are some of its handy features that continue to attract more users:

  • Open-frame model
  • Max weight of 415 lbs
  • Divorced 'Y' strainer
  • Outlet manifold with additional ports for future upgrades
  • Open clevis design
  • Point-to-point wiring
  • Pressure balance control
  • Opposed piston metering pumps
  • Digital automatic temperature control
  • Smart hose heat tap settings to correspond with appropriate hose length
  • Different heater and pressure options
  • Automatic ISO lube system
  • Max working pressure of 2000 psi
  • Max output 28 lbs/minute
  • Max hose length of 410'
  • Requires just 10 gallons of hydraulic fluid to function.

You can also request an optional countdown counter that allows you to pre-set the machine to stop operating before the material drum is empty. If you are looking for a versatile spray foam machine for sale to support large-scale work or a solid residential model, this is it.

3: The Carlisle IS40 Proportioner

Do not let newcomers be overlooked! Carlisle, which recently acquired Acella, has started offering its own spray foam machines for sale. The company has over 100 years of polyurethane experience, corporate stability, and the expertise to make incredible products. The Carlisle Intellispray system, which includes the IS40 Proportioner, is already gaining recognition. When used with the ST1 spray foam gun and QuickHeat Hose, operators enjoy a 50% shorter startup and optimal pressure and temperature control.  The IS40 spray foam machine has features that are desirable to modern contractors such as:

  • Ratio control and assurance
  • Automatic shutdown if materials are detected to be off-ratio
  • Improved pressure control
  • Intuitive touch-screen operation

The IS40 proportioner is part of a system that addresses the immediate needs of today's contractors, enabling correct application the first time. If you have been looking for another option for a new equipment purchase, this spray foam machine's consistency and speed can give you the edge you need to thrive.

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