Top 5 Reasons to Choose a PMC PH25 Spray Foam Machine

By Kevin Malone

The Polyurethane Machinery Corp (PMC) PH 25 spray foam machine is a robust and durable mid-production model, ideal for multiple jobs, such as attics, small-to-mid-sized residential and commercial jobs, and home insulation. PMC spray foam machines contribute to the company’s reputation as one of the oldest and most experienced in the industry.

Five Reasons to Choose a PMC PH 25 Spray Foam Machine

When you are considering spray foam machines, you have several options.

Here are five reasons why the PMC PH 25 is worth serious consideration.

  1. Efficiency

    Time is money, so the more efficiently you work, the more money you earn. The PH 25 spray foam proportioner is designed to deliver efficient performance for a variety of spray foam applications. An advanced heating system and accurate pressure control ensure an even and smooth application, resulting in a uniform layer of insulation.

    The PMC PH 25 spray foam machine can deliver up to 30 pounds per minute of foam with a maximum working pressure of 2000 PSI. The PHX 25 model can output 1.9 gallons per minute for coatings at 3000 PSI.

  2. Versatility

    The PMC PH 25 spray foam machine is highly versatile, enabling the application of spray foam insulation in various settings, including residential or commercial projects. Whether you are working on a commercial or residential project, the PH25 can handle nearly any size job.

    You can also get spray foam machines with a range of dual heater options and single-phase or three-phase 230V options.

    Heater Wattage Options

    • 8,000W
    • 10,000W
    • 12,000W

    Electrical 230V Single-Phase Options

    • 68A: 8,000W heaters
    • 77A: 10,000W heaters
    • 86A: 12,000W heaters

    Electrical 230V Triple-Phase Options

    • 40A: 8,000W heaters
    • 45A: 10,000W heaters
    • 50A: 12,000W heaters

  3. Made in the USA

    All PMC equipment is manufactured in New Jersey. With PMC’s centralized manufacturing, you get consistent and high-quality products that meet the same rigid standards for performance.

    PMC also offers a full product line for urethane spray systems, including proportioning units, heated hose systems, transfer pumps, spray guns, and the auxiliary equipment contractors need for working with residential foam insulation, roofing, pour foam, Polyurea, and Polyurea hybrid coatings.

  4. Ease of Use

    The PMC PH 25 was designed with users in mind. It includes an intuitive control panel and interface, making operating simple. It can handle heavy use and is designed to withstand extreme conditions. The electrical console eliminates the use of delicate circuit boards, which can cause points of failure, and the open-frame design enables quick and easy access to all components. All components use point-to-point wiring schemes, making them easy to replace when needed.

    The reversing system uses proximity switches and solid-state relay controls. This provides long service life and significantly reduces maintenance during operations. An auto shut-down counter also helps protect the machine from running with empty drums, preventing cavitation, spraying off-ratio material, and downtime.

    The PMC PH 25 spray foam machine’s temperature sensing unit (TSU) operates in real-time to maintain chemicals at the optimal temperature, with a unique design feature that makes replacement faster and easier. The thermocouple that reads temperatures can be replaced without removing the TSU block.

  5. Widely Available Replacement Parts

    Because PMC has been in business for over a century and is one of the industry's leading spray foam equipment manufacturers, its parts and components are readily available for replacement, delivering a longer product lifecycle.

Find PMC Spray Foam Machines at Intech Equipment & Supply

When you work with the spray foam equipment experts at Intech Equipment & Supply, you will find the right-fit equipment you need to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

PMC also makes various spray foam proportioners for contractors at every level. Entry-level machines, such as the PMC PF-1600, weigh just 150 pounds. The PMC PH-55 is for large-scale industrial and roofing projects, producing an output of 55 pounds per minute. There are several other models to choose from as well.

We also stock maintenance items and replacement parts for PMC spray foam machines, guns, and hoses. If you are considering buying used spray foam equipment, we can help you find a high-quality used machine that has been thoroughly tested and refurbished if needed.

Contact the experts at Intech Equipment and Supply to discuss your spray foam equipment needs today.


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