Spray Foam Machines for Sale From Graco, PMC and Carlisle

By Kevin Malone

The top spray foam machines for sale in 2021 are a diverse mix of tried-and-true favorites and new models that address the needs of modern contractors. Data reporting, remote operation, quicker startups, and higher efficiency top the list of benefits from these products.

If you need a spray foam machine for sale backed by positive consumer reviews and a strong industry reputation, look no further. These spray foam machines rank among our top sellers and top recommendations. Check out this year's list of the five best spray foam machines for sale from our favorite brands.


PMC has long been known for its competitively priced machines that offer an excellent lifetime value after maintenance and servicing are accounted for. This brand has been rolling out some exciting innovations lately, which save contractors time and money.

1: PHD-2: This machine belongs to the newest generation of PMC spray foam machines for sale. It comes with data tracking and monitoring to address the growing need for contractors to have exact records. You can also save the data to consult in the future or share with others. The PHD-2 is a smart machine that informs the user when recommended routine maintenance is required. If a problem arises, it can also help troubleshoot the issue. Having a max output of 28 pounds per minute, it is the ideal mid-sized machine for the local contractor.

2: PH-40: This model continues to be a strong favorite with operators who want a dependable, high-volume machine. It is also a solid choice for high-output roofing applications and commercial jobs. This system includes Pressure Balance Control and Countdown Shutoff to ensure optimal performance and fewer errors. Producing up to 40 pounds of spray foam per minute, this rugged machine can handle some demanding jobs.


Graco has been a mainstay in the spray foam world for its dependable line of equipment that offers both high performance and equipment variety. Everyone from novices to seasoned pros can find a Graco machine that meets their needs.

3: Reactor 2 E-30: This is an easy choice that has all the bells and whistles you would expect from next-gen spray foam insulation technology. Its software and hardware enhancements all point to better spray performance and a more convenient operating experience. Users can monitor and access the Reactor 2's controls remotely through their smartphones. This machine also transmits real-time job activity so that operators can stay on top of even the smallest details.

4: Reactor H-40: A favorite for high-volume commercial and roofing applications, this model can produce up to 45 pounds of spray foam per minute. It is a smooth hydraulic machine that will keep up with even the highest production demands. Graco's hydraulic systems typically last between 10 and 12 years, which makes it one of the longest-life spray systems on the market. Other intelligent features, like its ability to store up to 24 chemical recipes and data tracking and monitoring, make it an excellent pick for any contractor in need of some serious muscle in their machine.


The IntelliSpray system may be new, but it is a product of over 100 years of combined experience. In 2017, Carlisle Construction Materials and Accella Polyurethane Systems merged to become another competitor in the SPF industry. The system consists of the IS40 Proportioner, ST1 spray foam gun, and QuickHeat hose. When used together, the warmup time is reduced by 50%, allowing contractors to get to work more quickly.

5: IS40 Proportioner: This machine has reaped an overwhelming amount of positive reviews for its careful attention to modern contractor issues. It has a generous 15-inch touchscreen display that makes it easy to operate and troubleshoot issues. Its continuous ratio control through Carlisle's IntelliSense technology shuts down the equipment if it detects an off-ratio condition. If it is not a 1:1 ratio, it will not spray ? saving contractors time on any potential redos. The controls are easy and intuitive to use, with plenty of automation throughout the system to make it easy for even novices to get comfortable spraying foam.

Overall, the IntelliSpray system saves contractors around 30 minutes a day and makes a typical eight-hour job last around six hours. Its improved yield and spraying control also offer an estimated $30,000 in material savings per year, which equates to between $100 and $150 every day.

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