Top Applications for the Leister Heat Gun

By Kevin Malone

The Switzerland-based company Leister has been manufacturing premium quality hot air welding tools for over half a century. Their heat guns are known for their excellent performance, durability, and value. Each tool is carefully designed to provide consistent results that keep contractors across multiple industries in full control of their workload.

Leister's products also offer consistently higher welding speeds and the most advanced hot air tool technology. Leister heat guns are especially valuable assets to roofers who need tools to reinforce roofs and membranes through welding and hand tools. Here's how a Leister heat gun can enrich your equipment cache and broaden your range of welding abilities.

Manual Heat Gun Applications

Manual heat gunsmanufactured by Leister make it possible to weld various types of materials insmall areas, where precision matters. These guns apply heat to materials commonto roofing such as PVC-P, EPDM, CSPE, CPA, TPO, PE, ECB, and modified bitumen.

They are amazinglysimple yet versatile tools that are used in many industries, especially inconstruction and home improvement. Heat guns can thaw pipes, strip paint, andweld polymer membranes.

By simply choosingdifferent types of nozzles and accessories, you can increase your manual heatgun's range of applications too.

  • The Leister Triac-ST is the latest handheld heat gun from the brand. It is the successor to the Leister Triac S, weighs just 2.18 pounds, and can be used practically anywhere for countless contracting needs. It's Leister's 7th generation manual heat gun and can weld many types of materials like thermoplastics, bitumen plates, pipes, sealing layers, foils, foams, coated fabrics, and tiles. It can also dry surfaces, mold thermoplastics with heat, shrink materials, solder connectors, defrost items, melt adhesives, and even ignite objects. When you need to complete jobs more quickly, you can attach it to Leister's MINIFLOOR to convert it to a small automatic welder on wheels.

Identify What Kind of Heat GunYou Need

When you start shoppingfor heat guns, check to see if the airspeed, heat output, material settings,and other parameters will meet your needs. If you need help selectingaccessories, nozzles, or heat gun models, contact us at Intech Equipment andSupply.

You may also find outduring this process that a heat gun isn't enough to serve the scale of yourprojects. In these cases, a semi-automatic or automatic welder will do. Forexample, if you're a commercial roofer who needs to cover a lot of ground andadhere to a tight schedule, then you may need an automatic or semi-automaticwelder instead.

Semi-Automatic WelderApplications

Contractors who want both the custom precisionassociated with manual heat guns but the speed and accuracy of automaticwelders will find much value in owning a semi-automatic model. By combining thebest of both worlds, you can get results up to three times faster compared to amanual hot air welder, but have the freedom to apply heat manually whennecessary.

  • The Leister Unidrive 500 is a lightweight and compact semi-automatic heat gun that is well-suited for welding thermoplastic and elastomeric membranes through lap welding. This tool is best used for PVC, TPO, and EPDM waterproofing membranes. This heat gun is a great addition to any roofer's equipment stock. It weighs just under 10 pounds and unites the strengths of manual and automatic welding. It can weld near a roof's edge and in close quarters, unlike a larger machine, but at the same time can apply heat evenly and produce seamless results like they are from an automatic welder.

Automatic Welder Applications

Sometimes you need a welder that can tacklelarge commercial jobs ?especially when time is of the essence. A larger,powerful machine will keep you on schedule when there is a lot of ground tocover.

  • Leister's latest heavy-duty welder, the Varimat V2, can weld polymer roofing membranes at incredible speeds. It is an improvement upon its previous model that ensures that contractors achieve wrinkle-free, excellent results after each use. It is one of the fastest automatic welders in the industry, which is enriched by its ergonomic design and user-friendliness. It is also known for its simple interface that is intuitive to operate. Though the Varimat V2 weighs a hefty 77 pounds, it comes with wheels on its body and its convenient transporting case. Contractors do not need to strain their backs to pick up this tool since everything can be rolled.?

Leister Heat Guns For Sale

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