Top Equipment for Spray Foam Roofs

By Kevin Malone

Top Equipmentfor Spray Foam Roofs

Spray foam roofing applications are continuing to increase in popularity for their many benefits in both residential and commercial settings. Spray foam is better for the environment, energy-efficient, renewable, seamless, durable, and waterproof.

Thoughit's relatively simple to apply for the experienced contractor, SPFapplications have their own unique issues. Among these issues are thelimited conditions in which you must apply spray foam- a dry and clear day isideal. It's also important to apply spray foam evenly and accurately. Usingpoor-quality guns or having the wrong tip can increase the risk of overspray.This can also make your finished projects more susceptible to punctures. 

Thebest way to combat many of these issues is to prevent them in the first place.While you can't control the weather, you can buy the best spray foam insulationequipment to produce optimal results. At Intech Equipment and Supply, we carrythe latest innovations in sprayfoam insulation equipment

Top Spray Foam Machines for Roofing Applications

Thecornerstone of your sprayfoam business is your proportioner. Among all yourequipment, this piece requires the greatest consideration and research. AtIntech, we are a proud supplier of top brands like Graco that are always at thecutting edge of the industry. 

Inour store, you'll find spray foam machines that boast the best in moderntrends: newer models are easier to troubleshoot and maintain. They are alsoequipped with automatic monitoring features and sensors that prevent hiccupsthat were once common on the job. Your ideal proportioner will be based on yourtypical job's needs, but here are some popular picks from our clients.

  • Graco's Reactor 2 E30 Elite is king in the mid to high application roofing world. You can store up to 24 spray foam recipes in its database, which makes handling diverse jobs a snap. It also uses Graco InSite Reporting Technology, which logs your proportioner's operations. This enables you to check its progress from anywhere you have a mobile device.
  • PMC's PF 1600 Spray Foam Proportioner is has a simple open-frame design that makes it easy to maintain and troubleshoot. This air-driven machine applies up to 16 lbs of spray foam per minute. Its modern design reduces the amount of air and power it consumes. It's also outfitted with recirculation valves, inlet monitoring, and pressure balance control, making it a great machine for entry-level contractors and experts alike.
  • The PMC PHX-40?is a high-volume machine that is also easy to troubleshoot. Busy roofing contractors will love its massive output of 40 lbs per minute, durable NEMA 4 switches, user-friendly control system, and intelligent features like the digital automatic temperature control.

Toget acquainted with more great machines from our product inventory, contactcustomer service and wewe'll be glad to guide you through all your options.

Spray Foam Guns

Applyingfoam evenly requires a well-performing sprayfoam gun. Pick any lesser model and you'll face issues like frequentclogging, tedious maintenance, and inconvenient malfunctions. Invest more inyour gun initially to save yourself time in the future. Here are a couple of greatguns for roofing applications.

  • PMC'snewest gun, the AP-3, is one of the lightest air purge guns of its class. Italso boasts greater simplicity compared to previous models because it has fewerparts. The model's short trigger stroke reduces user fatigue, which allowscontractors to work longer more comfortably. 
  • Gracoalso offers some great guns for roofing contractors. The Probler P2 islightweight and easy to handle. It's easy to maintain as it's designed to keepmaterials out of the piston to reduce the chance of clogs and performanceinterruptions. 

Hoses & Accessories

Whilemachines and guns are the big players in your spray foam rig, your choice ofhoses, tips, and storage mechanisms also make a difference.

  • We carry many variations of tips that are compatible with different types of guns. It's crucial to have the right tip for the type of application you need to do. Using the right one for the job ensures that you are at the right distance from the target, which reduces the chance for errors like overspray.
  • If you need any replacement parts or storage solutions, we have many options that are suited for both small and large rigs. Ask us how we can help optimize the space inside your rig and protect your equipment!
  • When it comes to hoses, Akurate Dynamics has recently launched the Deltalite Heated Hose. This product is internally heated, which makes startup and temperature adjustments more rapid than ever. Akurate Dynamics has also made a control box that allows the Deltalite Hose to be compatible with machines from different brands. Contact us to see if this hose could work with your proportioner!

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AtIntech Equipment and Supply, we want to make sure that you have everything youneed for your spray foam roofs.Whether you're a startup company or a seasoned contractor, we have the rightmachines, hoses, accessories, and guns that will make the application of SPFefficient, easier, and better than ever before. 

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About Kevin Malone
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