What Makes PMC Spray Foam Guns & Hoses So Dependable?

By Kevin Malone

All the components in a spray foam rig work together like a well-designed machine. Each has a vital function that contributes to the successful completion of spray foam insulation and roof coating projects. When your rig consists of quality equipment, you have everything you need to produce high-quality and consistent results. Although contractors place a big priority on the type of spray foam machine they should buy, hoses and guns are equally important because, without them, it is impossible to process SPF at the correct temperature, or mix and apply it.

PMC spray foam equipment is particularly dependable due to the company's 100 years of experience in the polyurethane industry. Its current equipment offerings include some of the best spray foam guns and hoses in the business. Contractors often select PMC products to enhance or replace existing rigs and recommend them to colleagues. At Intech Equipment and Supply, we carry the latest selection of PMC spray foam guns and hoses.

PMC Spray Foam Guns

When you have a PMC spray foam gun, you have equipment that is tops in the industry. The company offers air- and mechanical-purge guns that suit diverse contracting needs.

PMC currently offers the lightest air purge gun in its class: the AP-3, which weighs only 2.4 pounds. Its predecessor, the AP-2, was a popular choice with contractors for years because it is lightweight, easy to use, and inexpensive. The AP-3 offers improvements such as upgraded side seals that are even more advanced than the ones on the AP-2. There is even an option to customize the gun with a diamond-plate mixing chamber. The fast trigger action provides precise control over the SPF application, which busy contractors need to ensure they can complete jobs according to customers' high standards.

The PX-7 is another popular spray foam gun. It is known in the industry as one of the most reliable mechanical purge guns for roofing applications and slab jacking. It is also lightweight for its class but can tackle high-output jobs and apply up to 50 lbs of spray foam per minute.

PMC Heated Hoses

All PMC spray foam hosesare compatible with any PMC spray foam machine. They are a vital part of polyurea chemical systems, polyurethane foam chemical systems, and some two-component epoxy systems.

Heated hoses make it possible to uniformly heat spray foam materials at the right temperature to ensure the most thorough application possible. All PMC heated hoses use an innovative copper-braided weave jacket that covers the entire hose to heat the material efficiently and evenly. This gives contractors total control over the temperature throughout the hose.

Every PMC hose configuration is composed of two A and B component heated hoses that are covered with Insulex insulation, as well as an ? air hose. These are spun into a bundle and secured with lacing. Depending on the maximum pressure capabilities of your spray foam machine, you will need a low or high-pressure hose.

  • Low-Pressure Heated Hoses: This class of hose can handle a maximum pressure of 2,250 psi.
  • High-Pressure Heated Hoses: These hoses have a maximum pressure of 3,500 psi. They are available as standard and whip hoses.
  • HP Whip Hose: Get added flexibility where you need it the most with the high-pressure whip hose. This high-pressure, braided, heated whip provides full-hose coverage and durability even in the trickiest areas. It is available in models MA-00040A, MA-00040A-25, and MA-00040A-50.

As you shop for hoses, you have the option to include certain features. For example, PMC hoses are available with or without a temperature control (TC) cable, which connects the hose to the temperature sensing unit (TSU) and shows the chemical temperature while spraying.

You also have the option to select hoses of different lengths. For instance, a hose with a 2 KVA Isolation Transformer can heat hoses up to 210 feet long. A 3 KVA can effectively heat a 310- foot long hose and a 5 KVA heats the maximum hose length of 410 feet. Although every PMC heated hose is designed to be highly resistant to fatigue failure and offers 100% coverage, you can get even more protection by purchasing a PVC protective extruded jacket add-on.

PMC Spray Foam Guns and Hoses At Intech

Intech Equipment and Supply is a full-service SPF equipment and parts supplier and a top distributor of PMC products. Our team is ready to help with your unique equipment and accessory needs. If you would like information about new or used spray foam equipment or financing options, please contact our team of experts today.

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