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By Kevin Malone

When you need a convenient place to transport and store your valuable spray foam equipment, getting a custom spray rig is a logical solution. This convenient storage and transportation unit allows you to work anywhere without second-guessing if you are prepared.

Spray rigs range in size and form? from largetrailers that can handle high-volume roofing and commercial jobs to small andmid-size rigs for other types of commercial and residential projects. Becausethe variety of jobs completed in this industry is vast, there are many ways youcan customize your spray rig.

At Intech Equipment and Supply, we build custom spray rigs with the contractor's best interests in mind. We take careful consideration of the products we choose to put in our default spray rig packages but also allow our clients the freedom to mix and match equipment to suit the specific needs of their business.

If you've been interested in expanding yourfleet of rigs or need one to get your business started, here are some questionsto ask before you commit to buy.

Does the supplier know about theindustry personally?

Are you buying polyurea spray rigs from a store that may carry some good products, but doesn't have expert staff? Do you have to wait for assistance directly from the manufacturer instead, which can take longer than it would compared to working with a specialist supplier? Having a supplier that has first-hand experience in the spray foam industry can help you get the best custom rig possible. Here's what to ask to determine if the supplier is a good one.

  • How do you design your rigs? Do they designthem based on real-world experiences and customer feedback and requests? Or, dothey implement run-of-the-mill basics that aren't necessarily ideal forpractical work?
  • Do you offer the best and latest parts? If youdon't see a full spectrum of reliable options for your machine, generator, gun,hoses, and more, keep on looking for a vendor who can give you the bestcombination of equipment.
  • Do you have multiple branches? If yoursupplier has only one location and your running a business states away, you maywait longer than you want for your rig to get to you. However, at Intech, wecan build custom rigs in our Arizona, California, Arkansas, and Georgialocations. These are all full-service facilities that can build your spray rig,provide maintenance, honor warranties, and provide technical assistance.Because of these convenient locations, we can get assistance and products toyou quickly.

Questions regarding used rigs orequipment

Used equipment makes it possible to get morein your rig at a savings compared to buying brand new products. Here are somethings to look out for before purchasing.

  • The equipment's history: Did the previousowner perform all the regular maintenance? Or, are you unknowingly buying aproduct with faulty and dirty parts?
  • Have the rig's components been refurbished and tested? When you buy from an unknown vendor or private seller, thisinformation may be unknown. Or, the equipment can be sold without being testedto see if it works.

With a bit of patience, you can get some greatdeals on a used spray foam trailer that you can also outfit with both used andnew equipment. You will have the best chances for success when you buy from asupplier that personally vets all incoming used equipment with care. 

Buying custom spray rigs atIntech Equipment & Supply

You can surely try your luck with othersuppliers, but when you decide to work with us, we promise you the very best incustomer service and product availability. When you order a custom spray rigfrom us, you have access to the most extensive variety of spray foam equipmentin the industry.

Set up your spray rig with the industry'snewest and top recommended products. Whether you're looking to outfit a currentrig or purchase a new one, this product availability makes all the differencein your future success.

Also, when you buy a used rig from IntechEquipment and Supply, you can find a varying inventory of used spray foamtrailers and equipment. We test every item we receive for quality and function.If it doesn't pass our criteria, we don't even list it online. We're here toanswer your questions about customizing your spray rig with used equipment or howto buy a used spray rig outright. Call us to learn about what used equipmentand spray foam rigs we have available right now.

Custom Spray Rigs For Sale at Intech

Contact one of our specialists to see what wecan do for your next custom spray rig. We also have plenty of individual partsand products on our online store to keep you active and productive in thefield.

Contact us to learn how to outfit your spray rig or the other spray foam equipment and accessories we have in stock.

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Kevin Malone is a leading expert in the spray foam insulation industry with 34 years of experience in spray foam fluid handling and a passion for innovation. He currently offers his extensive knowledge to Intech Equipment and Supply customers by supporting them in selecting quality spray foam equipment to optimize their business. Learn more about Kevin here.


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