What to Look for in a Spray Foam Insulation Gun for Sale

By Kevin Malone

When looking for a spray foam insulation gun, you have plenty of options. Which type of foam spray gun is right for you will depend on how you plan to use it. The right spray foam gun can make a big difference in quality and operator satisfaction, so here are some key things you will want to consider.

Foam Spray Gun — Key Considerations

Materials You Will Use

The first consideration is spray material compatibility. Spray foam insulation guns are designed for either open-cell or closed-cell foam. While some models can handle both types, you want to ensure you get one that works with the type of foam you need to ensure the proper spray pattern and foam quality.

Spray Foam Gun Chamber Size

Pay attention to the chamber size, which determines the spray material's volume. Like with any spray foam equipment, you want to right-size it for the job. Bigger is not always better here. While a larger chamber means more volume, it also means more wasted material if you have to stop spraying unexpectedly.

The optimal chamber size will depend on the typical project size you anticipate.

Cleaning and Downtime

You want to avoid downtime as much as possible when on the job site, so you will want to factor ease of cleaning into your decision. You can check the manufacturer's specifications for the recommended process. Pay attention to how easy it is to access compartments. As you know, quickly cleaning your foam spray gun when a job is done or if you are pausing for a period is essential to prevent foam from curing and clogging up the gun.

Maintenance and Replacement Parts

You should look at manufacturer recommendations for maintenance and replacements. The more often you have to replace parts or perform required maintenance, the less time your spray foam insulation gun is working for you and earning money.

It is a good idea to have some basic replacement parts, such as O-rings or nozzles, on hand for field repairs.

If you choose a high-quality spray foam gun provider, you are more likely to be able to replace parts well into the future.

Spray Pattern Agility

Some foam spray guns allow you to adjust spray nozzles or pattern settings to switch from a wide spray to a more precise application. This versatility helps avoid waste and enables you to handle more diverse projects.

Foam Spray Gun Cost

With any equipment purchase, you want to get a high-quality product without spending more than you have to. However, you do not want to skimp when it comes to a spray foam gun. No matter how powerful your rig is, a low-quality spray foam gun will cause headaches and aggravation.

Types of Spray Foam Guns

There are three common types of spray foam guns:

  • Mechanical purge: A mechanical spray gun has a valving rod in the mixing chamber which keeps chemicals separate until sprayed. When the trigger is pulled, the chemicals are mixed. Releasing the trigger returns the valving rod to its original position and purges the remaining material from the chamber.
  • Air purge: Pressing the trigger on an air purge spray foam gun moves the mixing chamber to combine the chemicals. When the trigger is released, a blast of air is used to discharge any remaining materials.
  • Solvent purge: Solvent purge spray foam guns will need a solvent to prevent chemical reactions by flushing out any excess materials remaining in the gun.


How a spray foam gun feels and handles are often an afterthought, but if you are the one using it, you want it to have an ergonomic design. Operator fatigue is a concern and can lead to wear and tear on your crew, inconsistent foam quality, and safety hazards.

Contact the Foam Spray Gun Experts at Intech Equipment & Supply

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