Where to Buy Used Graco Spray Foam Rigs

By Kevin Malone

A well-maintained electric spray foam machine can last seven to 10 years. Hydraulic spray foam machines can function for 10 to 12 years. So, a well maintained, used spray foam rig can have years of life left.

There are pros and cons to buying a used spray foam rig, even a top-quality one like a used Graco spray foam rig. In this article, we walk you through the positives and negatives and point you to the best place to buy used equipment.

Pros and Cons of Buying Used Spray Foam Equipment

On the plus side, a used spray foam rig will be less expensive than a new one, which is a viable option for companies that are starting out or operating on a tight budget. Or, if you are adding to your fleet or replacing a worn-out unit, you may want a compatible unit that works with your existing equipment.

If you find the right unit, you can generally get it quickly. With some new spray foam rigs, you may have a bit of a wait, especially if you are customizing your rig.

If you buy from a reputable vendor, you can often find a used spray foam rig that has years of life left. The best suppliers will provide a thorough inspection, product support, and even extended warranty coverage if you purchase a certified used rig. If your rig includes a vehicle, you will also save on depreciation as vehicles depreciate more rapidly in the first few years of ownership.

However, there are some downsides you need to be aware of. Used equipment may not have been maintained well or may have hidden problems that are not immediately visible. You do not want to find this out in the middle of a job. Downtime costs money.

When buying used equipment, you have to be aware of which replacement parts are available. With older models, you may have trouble getting parts after the model has been discontinued. One of the reasons why contractors like used Graco spray foam insulation rigs is that Graco has been in business for more than 100 years and replacement parts are generally available for most models.

Where to Buy a Used Graco Spray Foam Rig

Where you buy a used spray foam rig makes a big difference. You can look on eBay or another online marketplace, but you never know quite what you’re getting or whether the seller is being honest with you. Even if you find a quality used rig, there is no post-sales support. So, if you run into a problem, you are on your own.

If you are in the market for a used Graco spray foam insulation rig, we have four words for you: Intech Equipment and Supply. Intech Equipment & Supply is a top distributor for Graco products and has a team of experts standing by to answer your questions and help you find the right machine, parts, and components for your spray foam business.

With every piece of used equipment we sell, we check every part thoroughly to make sure it works. We will fully disclose the unit’s history, such as maintenance records, and document any concerns. You can also purchase a used rig that has been tested for functionality so you can be confident you are getting a used spray foam rig that will do the job.

First Time Buyers

If you are a first-time buyer, or it’s your first time thinking about buying a used spray foam machine, you will want to talk to the experts at Intech Equipment & Supply. Right-sizing the equipment to the types of coatings and types of jobs you do is important. We can ask the right questions to assess how you will use your spray foam rig to make sure you get the right one. You will also want to know about maintenance and what other equipment you might need. We can help with all of that.

Our team has decades of experience in the spray foam industry and provides advice and guidance to make sure you get exactly what will work best for you.

We sell new Graco spray foam equipment, too. If you would like to discuss whether it makes more sense for your business to buy new or used, give us a call.

Contact Intech Equipment & Supply online or call us at 866-652-9975.

About Kevin Malone
Kevin Malone is a leading expert in the spray foam insulation industry with 34 years of experience in spray foam fluid handling and a passion for innovation. He currently offers his extensive knowledge to Intech Equipment and Supply customers by supporting them in selecting quality spray foam equipment to optimize their business. Learn more about Kevin here.


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