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By Kevin Malone

Whether you are a small contractor or operatea rapidly-growing business with numerous employees, you know a big portion ofbusiness success depends on the quality of your equipment. When machines breakdown or malfunction, spray ratios can be off, which means you deliverinaccurate results making time-consuming 'do-overs' necessary. Downtime forrepairs and maintenance of old, faulty equipment can also slow down your progressand put you behind schedule. These problems are even more critical when theyoccur during your busy season.

You need to upgrade your rig with dependable, long-lasting equipment that is easy to troubleshoot, operate, and maintain to avoid financial loss due to project delays and poor quality. This is why we often recommend Graco spray equipment for its impeccable value and reliability. We are also proud to be one of Graco's top distributors and have many industry experts on staff who can attest to the quality of Graco spray rigs. This is why Graco equipment is held in high regard by contractors.

#1 Graco Spray Rigs Are Reliable

If you want a spray foam rig that will standthe test of time, Graco is an industry favorite among spray foam contractors.They know its products deliver top performance, last for years, and requireminimal maintenance. Graco is also seen as a stable brand that stands by itsproducts since it has been in operation since 1926.

If your Graco spray rig ever needs maintenance, the company offers replacement parts that are compatible with all its products. Because of its dependability, Graco spray equipment carries one of the industry's strongest warranties. For example, all Reactor 2 systems have up to a 3-year extended warranty on certain features.

#2: Graco is Innovative

Graco is known as a pioneer in the spray foamindustry because it adapts its products to meet the ever-evolving needs of sprayfoam contractors. All Gracospray equipment is engineered to improve on previous features and takeinto consideration contractors' needs in the digital age.

One of the latest features is Graco's Reactor2 App, which allows certain Graco spray foam machines to report job progressdirectly to a user's mobile device. The operator can also control the sprayfoam machine and check progress remotely through this app. Select models ofGraco spray foam machines come with the Ratio Assurance System which ensures properapplication by alerting operators if the materials go off-ratio.

#3 You Will Have Less Downtime

Graco has been refining the art of easy-to-troubleshootequipment for decades. Its latest models of spray foam machines feature anopen-frame design instead of complicated circuit boards. Newest models of sprayfoam guns like the Fusion ClearShot come with removable cartridges for quicktransitions to keep you on task. This offers speed and convenience that makesyour business more profitable because you spend more time working and less timetroubleshooting problems.

#4: It Offers A Dynamic ProductRange

Graco is known for offering a dynamic range ofspray foam machines and spray guns. Spray foam machines range from portable,entry-level reactors to powerful, high-output hydraulic machines that can covera lot of ground during a typical workday. Here are Graco's entry-level machinesthat are perfect for touch-ups, rim joists, and other small jobs:

  • Reactor E-10: This small electric spray foammachine is suited for smaller polyurethane foam projects, polyureaapplications, and touch-ups.
  • Reactor A-25: This air-driven spray foammachine applies up to 25 lbs of spray foam insulation material per minute. It isa good entry-level machine that provides consistent temperature control.
  • Reactor E-20: Residential contractors enjoythis portable, electric spray foam machine because it delivers consistentresults on small jobs.

Mid-production reactors are useful becausethey offer enough power and flexibility to enable contractors to use them in abroad range of applications. If you accept a variety of jobs such as mid-sizedcommercial jobs, attics, and home insulation, a mid-range machine may suit yourneeds.

  • Reactor 2 E-30/ H-30: These mid-productionmachines are available in electric or hydraulic models and can handle a widerange of applications. Therefore, they are popular choices for spray foamcontractors who need a versatile machine.
  • Gusmer GH-2: This mid-range spray foam machineis a winner for contractors who want simplicity and dependability with theadded power of a hydraulic system.

High production reactors are suited forprojects that require the highest output. This tier generally has hydraulicmachines because they offer sufficient power for large industrial projects androofing jobs.

  • Reactor 2 H-40: This hydraulic spray foammachine yields up to 40 lbs of spray foam per minute. It is excellent forroofing projects and other high-output spray foam applications.
  • Reactor 2 H-50: This model is like the H-40but yields up to 50 lbs of spray foam per minute. This is the system you need ifyou need to meet high output requirements quickly.
  • Gusmer GH-4: This is a more powerful versionof the GH-2, and is a high-output hydraulic machine that offers the Gusmerpromise of simplicity and reliability. 

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