Why PMC Spray Foam Machines Are So Popular

By Kevin Malone

Manufacturers do not become industry favorites by accident. Building an excellent reputation takes time, and requires that a company consistently deliver impeccable products and services. This entails years of work developing solid client relationships and meeting customers' expectations. Polyurethane Machinery Corporation (PMC) has become one of the leading brands in the spray foam industry because it has faithfully provided contractors with dependable equipment that meet the demands of diverse spray foam applications. Here are a few reasons why PMC is recognized as a top spray foam machine brand.

Good Products at Good Prices

When a product is good and a company offers good service, it gets repeat business from satisfied customers. This age-old formula is the backbone of a thriving business, and it has played a big part in PMC's success. The company stands by its products and promises and applies innovation and quality to all equipment offerings.

PMC Polyurethane Machinery Corporation conducts all manufacturing in the United States, which means equipment and replacement parts are readily available. It employs highly-skilled workers who build every product to the company's strict standards. This is why PMC guarantees the quality and function of every machine, spray foam gun, hose, and part. 

PMC also prices its machines competitively. The spray foam machines it currently offers are less expensive than the majority of comparable products available on the market. The lifetime cost of operating and repairing its equipment is also much lower compared to its competitors.

User-Friendly Features

PMC strives to make every product simple to operate for spray foam contractors. Products like the PH-40 spray foam machine is just one example of this concept at work. This proportioner can handle high-output jobs but has an open-frame design and point-to-point wiring scheme, which makes its components easy to access and understand for anyone familiar with SPF machinery.

The electro-mechanical switches and relays in its machines last longer than cumbersome circuit boards and are easier to fix. They also require less maintenance, which is an important consideration for your project schedule and budget. Also, all PMC products are designed to use components that the company consistently manufactures, which means repairs can be made quickly without endlessly searching for obscure parts.

The Technology Contractors Need

As PMC continues to design simpler and more efficient machines, it is also aware of customers' growing need for modern data reporting. This is why the newest PMC spray foam machines include the reporting capabilities modern contractors want.

The PHD line is the first PMC machine to have a data logging system, and it is currently available on the PHD-2 and PHDX-2. This system records and saves the details of each spray job in real-time. This information is important because it helps you verify that the machine was operating efficiently during a project. It also has a color touchscreen interface that is easy to use.

It is a direct response to contractors' demand for smarter, more precise spray foam applications and allows you to track, troubleshoot, monitor performance, and save data. There is no guesswork with upkeep because the machine will let you know when it is time for recommended maintenance.

Diverse Options for Every Contractor

PMC engineers have worked to perfect the brand's proportioning units, heated hose systems, spray guns, and other auxiliary equipment for decades. Whether you spray polyurea coatings, polyurea hybrid coatings, residential foam insulation, or roofing, PMC offers everything you need for your business.

PMC makes machines for all application volumes and types. For example, the PF-1600 is ideal for a large contractor for cost-effective touchups without disposable kits, and can also be a low-volume contractor's main machine. The PH spray foam machine line offers machines with low to massive outputs--from residential-grade applications around 24 lbs per minute to volumes up to 55 lbs per minute. The PH-40 is currently one of our most popular items because of its high output and its ability to meet the demands of a wide range of jobs.

PMC Spray Foam Machines At Intech Equipment and Supply

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