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By Kevin Malone

In the past two decades, spray foam has become the preferred insulation method in roofing over other solutions. As more individuals acknowledge the benefits of spray foam roof systems, the popularity of this type of insulation will grow even more in the coming years. Overall, both contractors and consumers are drawn to the quality, longevity, and eco-friendliness of spray foam.

At Intech Equipment and Supply, we distribute new and used spray foam equipment to roofing professionals around the country. Our team, which has worked directly in the SPF industry, also believes strongly in the values of spray foam in roofing applications. Here is why our clients prefer spray foam roofing over other insulation solutions.

Spray Foam vs. Fiberglass

Though contractors once favored materials like fiberglassfor its affordability and relative simplicity during installation, it has somedrawbacks that prompted contractors to seek better solutions.

  1. Health risks associated with fiberglass: Long-term exposure to fiberglass can result in respiratory problems, irritated eyes, and even contact dermatitis. This health risk is especially prevalent when people don't wear the right safety gear during a DIY installation.
  1. New energy codes: Spray foam has seen an increase in usage after the year 2000 due to higher minimum R-value and stricter airtightness standards in energy codes. Since fiberglass has a limited average R-value of 2.2, builders started to seek materials that had a higher insulation performance. Closed-cell spray foam has an R-value between 6 and 7, which easily meets recommended insulation levels for temperate and more northern climates.
  1. It lasts longer. While fiberglass lasts 10-20 years before it starts to lose efficacy, spray foam insulation can last 80 years or more. This is an overwhelming advantage, especially considering that spray foam maintains its R-value during this time.

Though spray foam may be more expensive to install and requires the skill of a trained contractor, its long term benefits are overwhelming compared to fiberglass.

More Benefits of Spray Foam Roof Solutions

Today's consumers are more informed and empowered abouttheir options, so they know how to shop around for the best upgrades. Sprayfoam has plenty to offer an evolving customer base that is more aware of thebenefits of energy-efficient materials. Here are some reasons why spray foamappeals to contractors and homeowners.

Modern consumers aremore energy and budget-conscious.

For homeowners that deal with harsh winters and hot summers,having a well-insulated home gives peace of mind. Spray foam is one of the bestenergy upgrades a consumer can add to their residential or commercial property.When over 20% of energy loss goes through a roof, blocking this waste can havenoticeable financial impacts.

In fact, the average homeowner can save around $60 of savings per month in heating and cooling a typical 2,000 square foot house. That amounts to around $720 of savings per year. Over time, this upgrade ends up paying for itself.

The insulating and air sealant nature of spray foam alsohelps keep interiors comfortable. When cool air leaks out during the summer, itis difficult for your HVAC to keep the temperatures low.  As more people come to know this money-savingbenefit to spray foam insulation, builders are responding to this need andmeeting the growing demand.

  • Note:Individuals can achieve even more energy savings by getting open-celled SPFinsulation in their walls. It is projected that around 35% of a home's heatingand cooling is lost in the walls.

Spray foam lasts alifetime.

Spray foam can last up to 8 decades, which gives it a60-year advantage over traditional fiberglass insulation. This means that it'sa one-time installation for a homeowner's lifetime. So, even though the initialproject costs more than a traditional fiberglass project, the homeowner doesn'thave to worry about reapplying spray foam insulation for a few generations.

Spray foamstrengthens roofs.

Contrary to other insulation methods, spray foam can fortify a roof. Recent studies in Florida discovered that when you apply closed-cell spray foam to the underside of a roof deck, you can increase the sheathing resistance to wind uplift by 250-300%. When your property is located in a storm-prone area, this extra protection can make the difference between needing major or minor repairs.

Spray Foam Roof Equipment For Sale

As the market continues to evolve and favor energy-efficient products like SPF insulation, Intech Equipment and Supply is ready to distribute more high-quality spray foam roofing equipment to busy contractors.

Contact us to browse our specially selected spray foam rigs, machines, guns, and accessories that will set your spray foam roofing business up for success.

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