Why the Carlisle IntelliSpray Spray Foam System Is Cool

By Kevin Malone

In the ever-evolving industry of spray foam, the technology that produces protective coatings and insulation must stay on top of modern needs. In this fast-paced world, only the best equipment can stand up to the challenge. While long-standing manufacturers continue to provide excellent options for contractors of all levels of expertise, a newcomer has entered the scene and taken a lot of notice: Carlisle.

Carlisle recently launched Carlisle Spray Foam Insulation (CSFI) after merging with SPF expert Accella, combining over 100 years of industry expertise into one stable company. After assessing the SPF contractor's biggest wants and needs, Carlisle introduced the revolutionary IntelliSpray system to the world. This system, which includes the IS40 proportioner, ST1 air purge gun, and QuickHeat hose, answers the most common complaints that happen while on the job, which are:

  • Being off-ratio
  • Needing more heat
  • Having too much downtime
  • Tricky troubleshooting
  • Cumbersome maintenance
  • Complicated operations
  • Inconsistent spray patterns
  • Inability to control or monitor operations remotely

When used as a system, the typical contractor can save around 1 to 1.5 hours of labor per job, and produce 5% to 15% higher yields of spray foam. Also, the system can warm up in under 15 minutes and stay at a stable, appropriate temperature for the best results. So why is this system so cool besides these beneficial features? Here are some of the reasons today's contractors are flocking to Carlisle spray foam equipment.

Because Carlisle Spray Foam Equipment Is Smart

This Carlisle spray foam system is loaded with convenient automation that makes the job so much easier than it used to be. Compare the IntelliSpray system with something that came out even five to 10 years ago, and you will see how much progress has been made. This is just a sample of the system's intelligent features:

The IS40 proportioner has an intuitive 15-inch interface, in which the user can manage all operations with a simple pull-down menu. Unlike other machines, this proportioner comes ready to use out of the box. This includes:

  • Automated shutdown, startup, material changes, and recordkeeping.
  • The IntelliSense Remote Control App, which allows operators to manage the proportioner's controls from any location.
  • The ability to be controlled and monitored remotely through an app.

The IS40's recordkeeping is especially convenient because it makes it easy to report progress to clients and discover which settings produce the highest performance. With more information, your company has more tools to succeed.

The QuickHeat hose heats materials more quickly and consistently than competing models. This allows contractors to finish a job sooner and with more confidence. These features also save contractors time:

  • IntelliSense Technology, which shuts down the equipment if it detects an off-ratio condition. 
  • Real-Time System Control monitors temperature and pressure data within the hose.
  • Built-in optical indicators and Bluetooth communication to keep operators in the know.
  • Its Delta T Multi-zone design preheats A & B materials separately, which reduces the need to recirculate materials.
  • The robust internal heater wires heat materials up to 50% more quickly than competitors.

The ST1 spray foam gun, the first Carlisle spray foam gun, is an award-winning piece of equipment that has contractors enthusiastic about the time they save and its ease of use.

  • Its lightweight, ergonomic balanced 'wing' design makes it easy to handle for long periods of operation, reducing downtime.
  • There are separate mix chambers and tips which can be mixed and matched so that operators get the exact flow and patterns they need without taking too much time to adjust settings.

Because IntelliSpray Saves Contractors Money

The Carlisle IntelliSpray Spray Foam System saves an estimated $100 to $150 per day in labor and material costs due to the increased yields, improved consistency, and fewer chances for errors. When used as a uniform system, the user benefits from a 50% shorter startup time.

The system's True Ratio Control is one of the most advantageous and cost-saving features. It automatically monitors the pressure and temperature and shuts the system down if off-ratio conditions are detected. This prevents do-overs that waste both time and money.

Carlisle Spray Foam Equipment for Sale at Intech Equipment & Supply

The Carlisle IntelliSpray Spray Foam System is a product of over five years of in-depth research, implementation, and improvement. Created by a team of industry leaders, it is poised to make solid contributions to the SPF industry.

Intech Equipment & Supply offers the latest spray foam equipment, training, and comprehensive customer support. If you are interested intheCarlisle spray foam system, speak with our sales team today. Take advantage of our convenient financing options. For more information, check out our financing calculator.

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