The Best WINCO Generator for Spray Foam Contractors

By Kevin Malone

Applying spray foam with precision requires sophisticated equipment. To keep spray foam machines, compressors, spray foam guns, and pumps working at optimal capacity, you need potent generators to keep them running. Since job sites are often located far away from shore power, a generator is essential for your spray foam rig.

When it comes to generators, we often recommend WINCO products. This choice does not happen by chance; it comes from positive feedback from satisfied contractors who rely on WINCO generators to keep their equipment running in the most rugged conditions. If you are a spray foam contractor, you know how important it is to have access to a reliable power source while on job sites. So, which WINCO generators are the best for spray foam contractors? Here are some of our top picks among WINCO diesel and portable generators for sale in the Intech online store.

Portable Gas Generators

Portable generators provide a happy medium between versatility and voltage needs when you need mobility and power. WINCO portable generators come in different models and offer various power levels and average running times. The run time increases as the fuel efficiency and maximum wattage increase. For example, a 12,000-watt generator typically runs for 9 hours at 50% load, but you should still check the exact model for the manufacturer's estimate.  


This WINCO WL12000HE is a portable gas-powered generator that operates at 10,800 continuous watts. It is an excellent generator for contractors who like to keep tabs on everything. The YourGen Meter shows running stats on its LED display such as RPM, voltage, hours, and frequency. It also includes:

  • A fuel-efficient Honda GX630 Engine
  • 15-gallon fuel tank
  • Oil change notification
  • Low Oil Protection
  • Conserv-R automatic idle control
  • Standard lifting eye

These and other innovative features give busy contractors peace of mind. If you need enough power to keep your spray rig running when there is no power source available, this generator will keep you from falling behind on the job.


Our most powerful WINCO portable generator is the WL22000VE. We offer two versions of this model--the WL2200VE/A which is customized for roofers and the WL22000VE/B which is designed for spray foam contractors. This model also includes these features:

  • Premium Briggs & Stratton Vanguard Engine 
  • Anderson Connector
  • Full power 120/240V receptacle with a plug kit
  • YourGen Meter, an LED meter that displays
    • Running hours
    • RPM
    • Voltage
    • Frequency 
    • Load balance on a load bar display
    • Warnings when any reading is outside of the normal range
    • Oil change notifications
  • Low Oil Protection
  • Durable powder coat paint
  • Redesigned protective wrap-around welded tubular cradle
  • Premium circuit breakers 

Diesel Generators

Our diesel generators typically weigh over 500 pounds and are designed to be stored in your spray foam rig. They are not portable but can provide enough power to get you through the entire workday, even while powering spray foam equipment with high energy needs. If you are a busy commercial or industrial spray foam contractor, this is one of the generators you should evaluate.


This generator is one of WINCO's first products to enter the Tier IV Final market. It includes new features like the DSC7310 controller, which allows users to start the generator remotely and get valuable information through advanced metering and an engine code reader. It comes with the powerful FPT F5 series engine with DOC-PMCAT, which is larger than most tier IV engines but does not need to shut down for regens.

WINCO equipped this model with a larger engine to ensure long life and provide a quick response for load changes. For your convenience, we offer a WINCO De4040 generator and compressor combo, which is helpful in situations that require a compressor and a generator.

Finance Your Upgrades

Spray foam equipment requires a significant upfront investment, which often deters contractors from upgrading and replacing equipment. However, it is essential to consider that timely upgrades such as adding a WINCO generator to your rig can expand your capabilities and help you grow your business. So, if you need to finance a new or used rig, we have payment plans available. For more information, check out our financing calculator.

WINCO Generators for Sale at Intech Equipment & Supply

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