Essential Spray Foam Insulation Equipment for Your Rig

Essential Spray Foam Insulation Equipment for Your Rig

Whether you’re outfitting your rig for the first time or are expanding your spray foam business with new machines and upgrades, you need to know the must-haves for your business. At Intech Equipment and Supply, we have all the right machines, guns, hoses, accessories, and replacement parts that will keep your operations running strong. But what are the essentials and what are the optional add-ons?

These are some of the essential spray foam insulation equipment and parts we recommend for your rig.

1: The Rig

Before you buy anything else, you need to have a dependable place to store and transport your spray foam equipment. We carry many types of rigs that are suitable for different scales of work. If you’re just starting out and need something small, our mobile rigs can easily attach to the back of a truck. 

These rigs can carry smaller machines that are ideal for small-scale residential spray foam applications, or they can be supplements to a larger fleet. Then, variations range to large rigs that store plenty of gear for high-volume commercial applications. If you need help selecting the right rig for your business, learn how to choose a spray foam rig online or speak with one of our representatives today. Many of our rigs are customizable to meet your exact transporting and storage requirements.

2: The Machine

The core of your operations depends on the quality of your machine.  Its output and power should be compatible with the kind of volume you typically apply. The compact Graco Reactor E-20 Proportioner is great for a contractor who typically works with residential or small commercial jobs. It can fit in a modestly-sized trailer rig and still give you plenty of room to store other equipment.

Meanwhile, the PMC PHX-40 Proportioner is one of our best sellers to contractors who regularly service high-volume commercial applications. This machine has been redesigned to make the contractor’s experience the best it can be, even when things get hectic. It’s easy to troubleshoot with a simpler circuit board and electric display. It’s also packed with other automated features that ensure user safety and product longevity.

Smaller machines have a smaller capacity and are usually air or electric driven, whereas higher powered machines for big jobs are hydraulic. To be matched with the right spray foam machine for you, you can browse our selections here or speak to a sales representative today.

3: The Spray Foam Gun

For the best results, you should only run one gun off one proportioner. This ensures an even spray foam application because the pressure is consistent. 

Matching the same brand gun with the brand of the proportioner is another best practice. If you have a PMC machine, the new PMC AP-3 Air Purge Gun is a modern addition to your equipment. It’s only 2.4 pounds, making it the lightest spray foam gun in its class. It also has trigger stroke control to make the gun easier to manage and accurately apply spray foam by minimizing user fatigue.  You can also easily go with PMC’s AP-2 Air Purge Gun for a product of similar quality.

If you’re using a Graco proportioner, the brand offers many great choices. The Graco Fusion AP Spray Gun is the brand’s most popular plural-component gun for most spray foam applications. Its simple air-blast tip technology minimizes the downtime and maintenance it needs on the job.

The Graco CS Fusion Gun is another great gun to run off your Graco proportioner. It is the first ever liquid purge gun to be manufactured and it uses a disposable ClearShot cartridge to clear materials and keep the mix chamber clear. This is a big-time saver and a must for the busy contractor!

4: Parts & Accessories

One thing that is inevitable about the spray foam business is that your equipment will need replacement parts and maintenance. Accessories like extension wands and different style tips also make the job easier. 

On our website, we have included exploded diagrams or brochures for the machines and guns we carry. These resources contain the product number of the specific parts that the equipment uses if you need a replacement part. To get started, check out our parts & accessories page or speak to one of our customer service representatives today.

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