Why More SPF Pros Trust Graco Spray Equipment

As one of the world’s top suppliers of fluid-handling equipment, Graco offers a variety of spray equipment to apply coatings of all kinds. Though the Graco brand is best known for its dominance in the spray foam industry, SPF pros also depend on Graco spray pumps to apply other supportive coatings, like elastomerics for roofing.

This is why, in addition to a spray foam machine package, you should have an industrial sprayer to have the widest range of options. Here are a few reasons why SPF pros trust Graco spray equipment over other brands.

Graco Spray Equipment: Meeting Diverse Needs

As a spray foam contractor, you know that it is necessary to use other materials beyond polyurea or polyurethane insulation. Thankfully, with your experience in applying a complex coating like SPF, extending your reach into other coatings can increase your range and bottom line.

By integrating a sleek machine like the Graco GH 833, you can spray a wide range of materials that apply everything from standard residential projects to high-output commercial coatings. It is the preferred choice for professional contractors who want proven quality and the versatility to spray high-demand coatings — whether it is for sealing concrete, coating roofs, or painting a large area.

Reason #1: Graco Industrial Sprayers Are Tough

Graco industrial sprayers are true workhorses that deliver the ruggedness and performance professionals need to stay on schedule. When your reputation is on the line, the best equipment keeps you ahead of the game. Each Graco sprayer model offers an excellent value for the return you get in versatility, user-friendliness, and lifetime value. Here are some shared features that make Graco spray pumps some of the toughest in the industry:

  • Powered by a strong Honda® engine
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • MaxLife endurance pump
  • Heavy-duty cooling system
  • Xtreme Pump that offers durability and easy troubleshooting

It is easy to add a Graco industrial sprayer into your custom rig package. Call us today to learn how to create a custom rig and to find out our top recommendations.

Reason #2: Graco Spray Pumps Are an Industry Favorite

It is tough to pick just one product that stands out, but the GH 300 has a particular reputation of being among the strongest in the industry. Some even say it is the best Graco spray pump available. This hydraulic airless sprayer is specifically designed for high-production contractors. It can spray latex paints, primers, acrylic paints, block fillers and elastomerics.

Pros who work in residential, new construction, heavy commercial, and industrial projects have found the GH 300 to be an invaluable asset. When you get the GH 300 spray package from Intech Equipment and Supply, you get everything you need to set up and spray:

  • The Graco GH 300 gas hydraulic sprayer
  • A 310′ – 3/8 in x 50 ft (9.5 mm x 15.2 m) BlueMax II Hose
  • Spray gun with the tip of your choice
  • 10″ tip extension
  • Swivel hose with 5000 PSI, 3/8 F x ¼ F
  • Siphon hose
  • RAC X 517 SwitchTip and Guard
  • 1/4 in x 3 ft (6.4 mm x .9 m) BlueMax II Whip Hose

If you need to spray heavy materials, contact an expert at Intech Equipment and Supply so that we can present you with more options for a custom package.

Reason #3: Graco Spray Equipment Is Easier to Maintain

Not every spray pump in the industry is made with the contractor’s convenience in mind, but Graco goes above and beyond to anticipate contractor needs. For instance, the Graco GH 300 comes with the ProConnect Pump Replacement System, which allows you to swap pumps in less than a minute without any tools or loose parts to keep track of. The GH 733, 833, and 933 all have a heavy-duty hydraulic system that is designed to eliminate leaks and to have a more responsive changeover — without needing a hydraulic reset button.

Reason #4: Graco Spray Equipment Can Do Difficult Jobs

When run-of-the-mill sprayers have difficulty maintaining high pressure, models like the Graco GH 933 can easily reach and maintain 7250 PSI. This allows you to apply the pressure required for hard-to-atomize materials or long hose runs. This allows you to apply the most aggressive materials without an air compressor. Contractors who work with high-production architectural coatings, roofing, fire-proofing, and bridges use the GH 933 with confidence.

Graco Spray Equipment for Sale at Intech Equipment & Supply

Intech Equipment and Supply offers the latest Graco spray equipment, training, and comprehensive customer support. If you are interested in obtaining aGraco industrial sprayer, speak with our sales team today. Also, take advantage of our convenient financing options. For more information, check out our financing calculator.

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