Expert Recommendations For Purchasing Spray Foam Rigs

The spray foam industry is experiencing constant growth as more homes and businesses opt for eco-friendly, energy-efficient spray foam insulation for their walls, attics, and roofing.

Because the type of clients you serve are unique, manufacturers have designed a wide spectrum of spray foam equipment to meet the particular needs of pros in the field.

For instance, a highly mobile pneumatic spray foam machine with a 16 lb/minute output is perfect for residential applications or touch-ups. While a hydraulic proportioner with a 50 lb per minute output is the only kind of spray foam machine that can keep up with massive commercial work. When you customize your spray foam rig, you must consider the type of equipment that you need to put inside of it.

Here’s how to buy a spray foam rig.

Determine Your Needs

It is wise to shop with a prepared mind, especially when a significant amount of your budget is in play. To get a spray foam rig that is perfectly suited to your needs, figure out what you have and what you need to grow or start your business. If you need some assistance, give us a call. We have associates who have worked in the spray foam industry and can guide you through the selection process. To get the correct products, you need to assess your situation.

We’ll hear about your typical day, the struggles you want to overcome, and the kind of equipment on your dream list. From there, we can recommend products that can solve your problems, make your day more manageable, and decrease downtime. We can even direct you to quality used spray foam equipment if you have budget considerations.

Buy From a Reputable Distributor

In the vast world of eCommerce, you can populate a list of spray foam distributors in seconds with an online search. But not every business is going to have adequate experience and knowledge in an industry as specialized as spray foam.

At Intech Equipment and Supply, we have a highly-knowledgeable staff that has worked in the field with spray foam insulation. They can make the best recommendations based on your situation.

Here are a few other reasons why buying from Intech makes a difference.

  • Savings: We manufacture our spray foam rigs in-house, which means we cut out the middle-man costs of shipment and labor. If you already have a trailer or vehicle, but it needs an equipment “refresh,” we can provide a convenient pre-set spray foam equipment package. We can also help you install it in your existing vehicle. Or, you can purchase a new truck or trailer.
  • Versatility: While we do have pre-made equipment setups, we also honor customer requests to meet the unique demands of your operational needs. If you don’t see it, ask for it— we can find a way to make it work. Request the type of trailer or truck, spray gun, compressor, generator, and other equipment you need.
  • A large variety of equipment: When you have more choices, you don’t have to look elsewhere. At our store, we carry the largest variety of spray foam equipment in the industry. Why shop in multiple places and cherry-pick items of dubious origin when you can keep everything through one service?
  • Professional customer support: If you are located in the continental United States, Every custom spray rig purchase comes with one day of equipment training.
  • Fast Delivery: Since we have four full-service locations across the continental United States, everything you order can be shipped from the warehouse closest to you. This ensures the highest chances of getting your equipment in 48 hours or less. Keep in mind that to ensure the best quality, highly-specialized customizations can take more time to complete and ship.
  • Troubleshooting: If you have a problem, we’re only a phone call away. Once a customer, you’re always a customer with us.

We have rigs for every type of contractor. Whether you are branching off and starting your own business or need to expand operations with an extra rig or two, we have the spray foam rig for you. We have starter rigs, upgrade packages to revamp tired equipment, and brand new custom rigs for fleet expansion.

Select the Best Rig For You

When you select a rig, ask us to customize yours to match your exact output needs. We can then direct you to a product and customize a real-world layout that allows you the best workflow and efficiency.

  • Compact Units: This relatively new model is small but meets a significant need for residential contractors and commercial operators who need extra support. These condensed units provide versatility and mobility when you need it the most.
  • Box Trucks: When you just want to drive it and go, the all-contained box truck with a fully-outfitted interior is the rig you want. These offer some of the largest storage capacity, which makes them a top pick for busy high-volume contractors.
  • Towable Trailers: Most contractors pick this type of rig on its excellent storage capacity and versatility to be used with other trucks. Mid to high volume contractors can keep everything they need for a long day of productive work.

Spray Foam Rigs For Sale

Intech Equipment and Supply is a full-service spray foam equipment and parts supplier. Our online store has a massive inventory of equipment that can make your next spray foam rig the most efficient you have owned.

Contact us. We’d love to talk with you about your spray foam equipment, rigs, and accessory needs.