The Truth About Buying A Used Spray Foam Rig

Now that more clients are choosing spray foam insulation over fiberglass, spray foam contractors are expanding their fleets of rigs to keep up with the consumer demand. To stay on top of profits and production, it is necessary to have dependable equipment. However, sometimes buying new, full-priced equipment can be taxing on your budget.

This is why buying used spray foam equipment can be a great option for the budget-conscious.

But before you add used equipment to your spray foam rig, you need to make sure it is a quality product. Applying spray foam requires specialized equipment that processes materials at specific conditions. The wrong temperature, viscosity, or ratio can result in spray foam that doesn’t work.

In a world where used items come with an unwritten caveat, we want to change the game. When you buy a used spray foam rig at Intech Equipment and Supply, you can be confident that the products have been checked meticulously.

When you look for spray foam equipment, every dollar counts. Check our store for verified, tested used equipment that is guaranteed to work. This way, you can get the most for your bottom line.

The Truth about Buying Used Rigs

When you decide to purchase used spray foam rig for sale, you may have questions about the process. Here are some short answers to frequently asked questions.

  • Our inventory is dynamic: Our used equipment changes based on inventory but passes our high standards. If you check our online store periodically, you can find some outstanding used equipment and rigs. If you don’t see what you’re looking for right now, or if you need some guidance on what to pick, call to let our experienced team assist you.
  • We verify the equipment’s history: Unlike personal sales or other distributors, our used equipment and rigs are verified for their functionality and maintenance history. If it has not been well-maintained or it is not working, we don’t list it.
  • We refurbish some of our used equipment: Everything we list is cleaned, tuned up, and maintained before it reaches your warehouse. You won’t find untested or dirty equipment from our store, nor will you have to worry about missing parts.
  • We help you save money: New equipment comes with a higher cost than used, but after it is used even once, its value depreciates. This loss of value naturally happens after the equipment can no longer qualify as “new”.  However, when you buy used equipment, you don’t pay the full price that is attributed to new products. Yet, you can get the same great performance and comparable lifespan. That sounds like a win-win situation for any budget-conscious contractor.
  • You can find products with great value: With regular maintenance, used spray foam equipment can help you save money. This is especially useful when buying big-ticket items like proportioners and spray foam rigs. However, all the savings add up when you find great supplemental pieces like spray foam guns, generators, and accessories as a discount off retail prices.

Customize Your Used Rig

Because the availability of used equipment varies based on what we receive, the types of used trucks, trailers, and equipment you find will change regularly. Depending on what is available, you can pick what you want and customize your used rig based on your desired yield and productivity. If we don’t have the equipment you want right now, check again later or call us, and you may find what you need.

We can work with you to find a good combination of equipment for your used custom spray foam rig. Do you want to wait for all used products, trailer and equipment included, or are you interested in buying a new trailer and outfitting it with a mixture of new and used products? We can direct you to different sizes and styles of trucks and trailers to help you get the best storage solutions for your business. Then, as our inventory allows, we can match you with generators, spray guns, proportioners, and compressors that would be compatible with your used rig equipment setup.

With our vast product knowledge and strong relationships with top spray foam brands, we are skilled at customizing used spray foam rigs for our clients. We’re ready to help you anytime.

Used Spray Foam Insulation Rigs For Sale

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