Top 5 Reasons Graco Mobile Spray Rigs Are Trusted by Contractors

At Intech, our custom and turnkey Graco mobile spray rigs are made with special consideration for your contracting needs. When customers ask us what type of rig we would recommend, we often suggest using Graco equipment in your setup. This decision is based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback from spray foam contractors and the excellent results that come from using Graco SPF equipment.

Here are 5 top reasons why contractors trust a Graco spray foam rig:

1: Graco’s Excellent Reputation

When contractors elect to use Graco spray foam machines in their rigs, they do so because they trust the brand. Achieving a good spray and even application is not always easy, especially if you have faulty equipment. Graco has optimized its machines and spray guns to prepare and mix materials at the optimal pressure, temperature, and conditions to produce excellent results each time.

Our Graco spray rigs for sale are equipped with Graco machines that have produced seamless results for many contractors. A good reputation spreads through great results, word of mouth, and positive reviews. Therefore, Graco’s excellent reputation is now an industry fact. It’s a result of decades of building relationships of trust with customers, which leads to continued Graco equipment use.

2: Customers Come First

Graco has been building an excellent rapport with its customers since its origins in the roaring twenties. As it has expanded into more industries, Graco has never lost its focus on manufacturing solutions for handling spray foam fluids. Therefore, over the years, the company has perfected its pumps, spray guns, and its newer products like spray foam machines, heated hoses, and other top-quality spray foam equipment.

In all the company does, the best interests of the customers come to mind. Whether it’s user-friendly interfaces, easy troubleshooting, or solutions to reduce downtime, Graco manufacturers put themselves in the shoes of the SPF operator. Graco also offers some of the best warranties in the industry, offering up to 3-year extended warranties on vital parts like the electric motor on the Reactor 2 proportioner.

3: Graco Equipment Works Well Together

Productive spray foam contractors rely on a fully-functional rig to keep all their equipment housed in one protective unit. Whether it is a compact unit, towable trailer, or box truck, every rig is defined by what it stores. Graco spray foam rigs come with machines, spray foam guns, hoses, and accessories from the Graco brand. These items are compatible with each other and designed to work together seamlessly. While Graco machines also can work with hoses and accessories from other manufacturers, there is an extra level of assurance when using a set from the same manufacturer.

4: Technology for 2020’s Needs

Graco is at the forefront of the SPF industry, continuing to release some of the best innovations for SPF equipment that meet the demands of modern contractors. A shortlist of their tech-savvy features includes the Graco InSite remote control and reporting app, Ratio Assurance System, Resistance Control Mode, easy troubleshooting with QR codes, Proconnect Technology, and more.

These features assure that Graco equipment produces spray foam insulation at the correct ratio, temperature, pressure, and make sure that the material is applied evenly. This is why contractors reach for Graco equipment to take care of big tasks like waterproofing an aging bridge to strengthen it and protect it from wear and tear. When high output and accuracy matters, Graco’s cutting edge technology allows contractors to confidently complete each job without worrying about hold-ups or imperfections in the outcome.

5: Ability to Customize for Your Exact Needs

At Intech Equipment and Supply, you can buy a turnkey or custom spray foam rig that comes with Graco equipment. The core of a rig is the spray foam machine, such as the Graco Reactor 2, while other equipment is housed like the spray foam guns, material drums, heated hose, and accessories.

There are three different sizes to meet the specific workload needs of your business: compact units, towable trailers, and large box trucks. Residential contractors who typically deal with mid to small-scale projects favor the towable trailer. Commercial and Industrial contractors usually order box trucks because of their all-in-one convenience and large capacity. Meanwhile, compact units can serve any contractor. These small, all-inclusive units can be a standalone rig for small projects or a supplement to a large commercial fleet.

Graco Mobile Spray Foam Rigs For Sale

Intech Equipment and Supply is a full-service equipment and parts supplier SPF equipment and is a top distributor of Graco products. If you would like to know more about Graco spray foam rigs or any other spray foam equipment, then reach out to our team of experts today.

Since Intech has six facilities across three time zones, it provides customer support and distributes equipment, which shortens the time required for assembling and delivering a Graco rig.

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