How to Maintain Graco Spray Foam Parts and Accessories

Graco is one of the top brands that develop innovative spray foam equipment and accessories. To retain their excellent performance, it’s important to take care of these products consistently and correctly.

On our Intech website, you can find exploded diagrams and manuals for all the Graco spray foam products we carry. In these resources, you can find valuable information like maintenance intervals, recommended care procedures, and the product numbers for replacement parts. Please consult these to find out all of Graco’s recommended maintenance instructions for your specific product.

While each piece of your Graco spray foam equipment will have their unique maintenance requirements, here are some basic tips about maintaining your graco spray equipment and accessories.

Material Drums and Transfer Pumps

The source of all spray foam work begins in the material drum and transfer pumps. Here’s how to maintain these components.

  • Material Drum: Your materials should be kept securely in tanks under the recommended conditions. It may be necessary to use a Powerblanket Drum Heater to keep the materials insulated during the winter. Trap moisture before it causes crystallization with a desiccant filter.
  • Transfer Pumps: Clean these regularly and keep them free of any solid material when you exchange your drums. Inspect these regularly for any sign of wear or tear.

Graco Proportioner Maintenance

The basic components of a proportioner are a motor and set of pumps. However, your Graco machine can, and most likely will, have more advanced components. Overall, your Graco machine mixes and pressurizes the right proportion of chemicals to create spray foam insulation. Here’s how to maintain these parts:

Motor: This will be run by either electric. The motor powers the pump that pressurizes the materials drawn from the storage tank.

  • Electric: Regularly inspect its electrical connections, power cords, and drive couplings. Lubricate bearings as needed and always be on the lookout for exposed wires or external damage to the machine.

Pumps: These parts pressurize materials so that it can be sent into the spray foam gun. Here’s how to keep them functioning well.

  • Check the Y- strainers: These are prone to clogs as they prevent large particles from the transfer pump from entering the proportioner. Check the Y-strainers regularly to ensure there are no blockages.

A & B Hoses: These need a daily inspection to check for frays and leaks. If you have a heated hose like the Akurate Dynamics Deltalite Heated Hose, make sure its sections are heating up properly.

Graco Spray Foam Gun Maintenance

This is where the chemical reaction happens as the two components mix and send out spray foam. Here are some key maintenance requirements.

  • Regular cleaning: Generally, all types of spray foam guns should be cleaned after every use. The most common place where problems start is at the tip. It’s important to clean this part regularly to prevent buildup within the gun. After every use, coat the gun with a silicone mold release compound to prevent buildup from developing as it sits in storage. Clean the chambers and gun’s interior with manufacturer recommended solvents. Check the filter screens and o-rings to ensure they are in good condition.

Graco Replacement Parts

For the best performance, we recommend only using OEM parts from Graco. Though it’s easy to find alternatives to these parts online, they aren’t made specifically for your Graco equipment and won’t be an exact fit. You risk more downtime in exchange for saving a bit of money on parts, but in the end, this will cost you more monetary loss.

Spray Foam Equipment For Sale

Intech Equipment and Supply proudly sells expert-recommended equipment. All of Graco’s products are carefully designed to be easy to troubleshoot and maintain. By following their product manual guidelines and having access to Graco parts and accessories, you can keep your proportioner and guns running smoothly for years.

Contact us to see what’s new and what Graco spray foam rigs, machines, guns, and accessories we can recommend for you spray foam business.