Why More Contractors Depend on Graco Spray Pumps

At Intech Equipment and Supply, we carry equipment that aids contractors in diverse areas of work. Though we often focus on spray foam, we also have experts who understand other types of fluid-handling products, like the Graco GH-series of spray pumps. These Graco spray units are useful for applying materials that are typically hard to atomize but are crucial for high-quality commercial applications.

For instance, a Graco sprayer can apply architectural coatings to roofs, bridges, and watercraft. The coatings serve as a barrier to fire, water, and air leakage to protect a wide range of surfaces. Some models of Graco machines are also powerful enough to not require an additional air compressor to work. Here are some more reasons why contractors depend on Graco spray pumps.

Graco Spray Pumps: The Gold Standard

In residential and commercial construction, Graco products have long been the gold standard for desirable equipment. For over 30 years, the GH series of Graco hydraulic sprayers have been delivering promising results. Both versatile and powerful, contractors can rely on a GH-series pump to apply some of the industry’s most challenging materials.

These powerful machines can generate the high pressure and flow rates required to atomize certain materials and in situations where heavier coverage is needed. This is an overview of some of the best-selling GH Graco spray units at Intech.

Graco GH 733ES

Contractors who seek a balanced and versatile spraying system appreciate the GH 733ES for its power and dependability. This gas-hydraulic spray unit runs on a powerful Honda® engine with an electric start. Its heavy-duty hydraulic system performs like one would expect — with high-precision pressure control — and allows a faster changeover. Its cooler and blower system keeps the equipment in stable condition even when working hard.

The GH 733ES also has a convenient multifunction design in which it can convert to a skid mount in seconds, so you can transport it anywhere safely. Easy to troubleshoot with quick-to-change pumps and an easily removable intake valve, this sprayer has the busy contractor’s needs in mind.

Graco GH 833

If you work with a wide range of materials and typically do high-production jobs, then the GH 833 offers the power and versatility you need. It is a preferred choice for professional contractors for its excellent combination of performance, ruggedness, and value.

It has similar specs to the 733 ES, such as 4 gallons per minute, 13 horsepower, and a max pressure of 3300 PSI. This model has a thoughtful flow-through filter system and an inside/out design that eliminates clogged filters and tip clogs. Overall, its design is intuitive to troubleshoot and made for the busy contractor.

Graco GH 300

This hydraulic airless sprayer is another versatile pump that is hailed as one of the best Graco sprayers on the market. The GH 300 is considered to be one of the most powerful hydraulic sprayers available and comes recommended to high-production contractors.

It can also spray a variety of materials such as acrylic, elastomerics, drywall mud, primers, paints, and more. This model is easy to troubleshoot since it comes with the Graco ProConnect setup, which makes it possible to replace the pump in a minute or less.

Graco GH 933

If you need a sprayer with impressively high pressure to atomize even the most challenging products, the GH 933 will become a powerful ally for you. In fact, it is known as one of the most powerful hydraulic sprayers in the industry.

This model is designed to handle hard-to-atomize materials and jobs that require high flow rates and heavier coverage. The GH 933’s maximum output is 2.5 gallons per minute, allowing steady, even coating. It also has 13 horsepower and a maximum pressure of 7250 PSI!

A Variety of Applications

All Graco spray units can typically handle a wide array of materials like acrylics, block filler, coal tar, contact cement, roofing elastomerics, enamels, epoxies, mastics, non-fibered and fibered aluminum and asphalt emulsions, paint, polyester coatings, primers, texture mud, and waterproofing materials. If you have a material in mind but want to make sure the Graco spray pump you are considering buying can handle it, then contact an expert at Intech Equipment and Supply today.

Get Graco and Be Satisfied

Why gamble with cheap competitors when the tried-and-true has proven results? Upgrade your rig today and free your air compressor by getting an all-in-one powerful Graco spray pump. With its wide range of applications, it can expand your business to other profitable areas such as paint application, waterproofing, and other high-demand coatings. A Graco spray unit is suitable for both residential and commercial applications and is a valuable addition to your business.

Graco Spray Pumps for Sale at Intech Equipment & Supply

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