Top 5 Reasons to Own a Graco Spray Pump

By Kevin Malone

Owning a Graco coating pump canstrengthen your business if you serve markets that require the application ofdiverse industrial coatings. While spray foam machines are specificallydesigned to process polyurea and spray foam materials, various gas-powered Graco spray pumps canprocess other materials required for tough jobs. This can take the load offyour main machinery and expand the types of projects you can bid on.

If you are looking for ways to grow and expandyour business, Graco spraypumps can give you the competitive edge you need. Check out these top 5reasons why spray foam contractors decide to own a Graco coating pump.

1. It Expands Your BusinessPotential

While you can do a lot with a high-qualityspray foam machine, you can bid on more commercial roofing projects if you own agas Graco coating pumpthat can apply elastomeric coatings. You can also make extra money on the sideby using the equipment to apply acrylic or latex paint to homes and businesses.

Graco sprayers can also apply block fillersand primers, which are vital for a variety of commercial, industrial, andresidential applications. These coatings protect porous surfaces and prepsurfaces to ensure the best application of paint, spray foam, and othercoatings. When you can add jobs like this to your repertoire, it diversifiesyour income stream and helps you expand your business.

2. It Cuts out the Clutter

When you own a gas Graco spray pump, you can use it as astandalone unit without a power source and eliminate the need to buy a separateair compressor. Also, models from the GH Big Rig series come with customizationoptions that can greatly increase your range of spraying abilities. Thiseliminates the need to carry multiple sprayers that can clutter up your rig. Italso can be the difference in being able to bring just one rig instead of twoto job sites.

3. It Saves Time

When you transport fewer vehicles and gear, you save time. But Graco pumps take time savings to a whole new level. Solutions like the QuikChange pump on the Graco GH-733 allow for quicker and more efficient changeovers. This unit also has a QuickAccess intake valve that you can easily remove to make fast repairs. Other elements of the latest Graco spray pump models are designed to be intuitive and easy to use, such as the GH-733's user-friendly drain plug.

Larger sprayers like the GMAX II-7900 and GH-300also have time-saving features. For example, the GH-300 comes standard with ProConnect, which makes it easy to remove and replace the pump in seconds ? notools required! Its pre-oiled and pre-configured QuikPak Cartridge System isalso designed to reduce downtime. Features like these are included in all ofGraco's equipment to put contractors' needs first.

4. Saves Money

There are many ways to save money whilerunning your business, but having reliable and durable equipment is one that makesa big difference. Graco machines are known for their excellent value because ofthe quality and longevity they offer. When you do not have to buy new equipmentor pay for constant repairs, you have less downtime. This saves you money overtime through fewer breakdowns, maintenance sessions and other interruptions.

Gracospray pumps like the GH-833 and GH-933 have advancedfeatures like Exclusive MaxLife rod and sleeve which have unmatched durabilityand life compared to other sprayers in their class. They also have durablehydraulic lines that promise longer equipment life.

5. They Are Powerful

Graco spray pumps are preferred 7 to 1 compared to competing brands, and this preference has a lot to do with their power. If you need a sprayer that can cover a large area with consistent and quality results, Graco has the caliber of equipment you need. For example, the GMAX II-7900 which is Graco's largest gas mechanical sprayer is packed with features that make it a high-volume sprayer including:

  • Oversized passages that allow ahigh-velocity flow.
  • Smart Control 3.0, which allowsthe most consistent fan pattern for even applications.
  • Precision Advantage Drive, thelongest-lasting drive on the market.
  • A Reliable Honda engine with lowoil alert.

The Graco GH-300 hydraulic sprayer is anotherfavorite among high-volume contractors because it's one of the most powerful inits class. Like the GMAX II 7900, it is powered by a top-notch Honda engine andoffers many time-saving and error prevention features.

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