Are WINCO Portable Generators Any Good?

By Kevin Malone

WINCO has been around since 1927 and has built a strong reputation for reliable, durable generators. WINCO generators are considered among the industry’s best—known for sturdy construction and robust performance.

WINCO offers a full lineup of generators for small jobs and large-scale applications. The industrial lineup features fixed and portable generators designed for rugged conditions. At Intech Equipment & Supply, we recommend WINCO generators for contractors that want reliable, durable, and consistent power on job sites.

Reliable Engines

The engine powering your generator is the key to optimal performance. WINCO generators feature Honda GX or Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engines for quiet operation and enhanced fuel efficiency. These engines are built to handle tough jobs for thousands of hours of use.

Sturdy Construction

All WINCO generators are built to provide the power you need even under heavy loads, with built-in safety features, and load tested for performance out of the box:

  • Low oil protection: When the oil level is low, the engine will automatically shut off, preventing the engine from damage caused by overheating.
  • Steel supports: WINCO generators use steel supports, wrap-around steel cables with a durable finish, and powder coat paint.
  • Load tested: Every generator is load tested before it leaves the factory.
  • Warranties: WINCO backs its generators with a three-year engine warranty.
  • Easy access panels: Panels are easy to unlock and remove when performing maintenance.
  • Premium circuit breakers: Get clear and instant identification of a tripped circuit.

WINCO generators are solid and built to last. They are also American-made. WINCO generators are manufactured at the company’s 200,000-square-foot Minnesota facility.

Flexible Options

Depending on the type of generator you choose, there are multiple options to fit your job requirements, including:


You can choose from multiple options, including diesel generators and tri-fuel generators that can transition between natural gas, LP, or gasoline. Fuel tanks range from one gallon to 15 gallons and can provide up to 14 hours of run time on a full load in top-end generators. You can also add optional outboard fuel tanks.


The higher the kilowatts of a generator, the more power it produces. WINCO generators range from 2.4 kW to 600 kW. Diesel generators produce 3kW to 22kW and utilize automated voltage regulation (AVR) to provide clean, stable power.

Running Voltage

Generators are available to support 120V, 120/208V, 120/240V, 277/480V, and 346/600V.


Depending on your job requirements, there are also options for single-phase or three-phase power. Single-phase generators use an AC electrical system and a single voltage waveform to alternate polarity. Three-phase generators produce 180% more power with a constant, uninterrupted flow.


Depending on your chosen model, you can get WINCO generators ranging between 540 and 1,000 rotations per minute. RPMs impact power output, performance, fuel consumption, and noise levels.


Some models feature the YourGenMeter to display hours, RPMs, voltage, and frequency readings to make it easy to keep track of running and safety information.

Generator Configurations

You can upgrade your WINCO generators to add wheels to make them easy to transport to job sites and move to wherever you need to power your equipment, regardless of the availability of shore power.

Besides portable and trailer-mounted generators, WINCO produces a lineup of truck-mounted diesel generators and gas generators, which are a favorite for contractors using spray foam rigs. Truck-mounted generators provide heavy-duty, dependable power when you need ultimate reliability on the job site to power all your equipment.

Trust WINCO and Intech Equipment & Supply

You can trust WINCO generators for any size job and the experts at Intech Equipment & Supply to help you outfit your spray foam equipment, mobile spray foam rig, generator, parts, and maintenance supplies.

Since 1995, Intech Equipment & Supply has been an industry leader in the spray polyurethane foam (SPF) industry, with a staff of leading experts who have more than 150 combined years of experience with residential and commercial spray foam jobs. Intech Equipment & Supply carries everything contractors need, from WINCO generators to spray foam machines and parts to custom-built, turnkey spray foam rigs.

We provide exceptional customer support across time zones with locations in Arizona, Arkansas, California, Georgia, and Texas. We offer new equipment, fully-tested used equipment, and financing options.

Call Intech Equipment & Supply at 866-652-9975 or contact us online to find the right WINCO generator for your business.

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