What Are The Best Gas Hydraulic Coating Pumps?

By Kevin Malone

If you work in residential or commercialconstruction, owning a high-quality gas coating pump can help you grow your business. The right gearenables even application of a variety of coating materials and produces resultsthat please clients. In the spray coating world, the Graco brand has areputation for quality and trustworthiness. With over 80 years of experienceserving contractors, Graco equipment remains a gold standard. At Intech Equipmentand Supply, we stock Graco spray pumps and other equipment andaccessories that make coating jobs a snap.

The Advantage of Gas

According to experts, Graco sprayers pumps offer many pros forbusy contractors, such as:

  • Greater portability
  • High production rates
  • Better handling of heavy and thickcoatings

It is also the best type of unit forsituations in which the power source is uncertain. A gas heating pump does notneed electricity or an expensive compressor. It is an all-in-one power sourcethat is incredibly convenient for contractors who need to be self-reliant. Theonly considerations are that you must check if you need a permit to use one andthat they are not allowed in hazardous environments.

When you need the best equipment for youroperations, pick one of these excellent Graco coatingpumps.

Graco GH-733ES Big Rig GasHydraulic Sprayer

Graco's GH line of sprayers has been afavorite of contractors for over 30 years. These hydraulic sprayers promisemaximum performance and a level of versatility that is difficult to find inother brands.

The Graco GH-733ES is part of the Big Rig series, a favorite for roofers and contractors who spray diverse materials. This model comes with an electric starter, which offers significant convenience to busy contractors. The GH-733ES is an excellent sprayer for contractors who need to apply a vast selection of materials, such as:

  • Acrylics, block filler, coal tar,contact cement, elastomerics, enamel, epoxies, fibered aluminum emulsion,fibered asphalt emulsion, mastics, non-fibered aluminum emulsion, non-fiberedasphalt emulsion, paint, polyester, polyurethane, primer, texture mud, andwaterproofing materials.

The 733ES also has these shared features withother models in the Big Rig line:

  • A strong 390 cc Honda engine withan integrated fuel tank.
  • Oil alert to notify users whenlevels are low.
  • Heavy-Duty Cooling System with4-gallon hydraulic reservoir.
  • Ability to be converted to skidmount in just seconds.

Graco GH-833 Big Rig GasHydraulic Sprayer

Graco calls this model a 'job site-provenworkhorse'. It has ruggedness, performance and value in one, which makes it ago-to pick for contractors who want a no-nonsense spraying solution. It canhandle the same materials as the 733ES with the addition of burmastics.

The GH-833 also has some extra features suchas a Flow-Through Filter System, which has an inside/out design that eliminatesclogged filters. This also eliminates troublesome clogs in tips that interruptprogress while on job sites.

It is also equipped with the MaxLife EndurancePump, which lasts up to 6 times longer than competing brands because it usesbreakthrough vortex rotating rod technology. Other enhancements such as itsQuikChange Pump system and QuikAccess intake valve make troubleshooting andmaintenance fast and easy.

Graco GH-933 Big Rig GasHydraulic Sprayer

The GH-933 is a top pick for contractors who need to spray hard-to-atomize materials and heavy-bodied materials that need high pressure. That is why we recommend this unit to contractors who work in roofing, waterproofing, fireproofing, marine coatings, bridges and air barrier applications. Overall, the GH-933 can handle all the materials the GH-833 can plus silicon and intumescents.

The 933's components are optimized to producehigh flow rates and heavier coverage. It is guaranteed to provide enoughpressure to handle some of the most aggressive applications due to itsoversized outlets, filterless design and 7,250 maximum psi.

GMAX II 7900 Standard Series

If you need versatility and power, andfrequently work on projects that require roofing applications, then the GMAXII 7900 is for you. These Graco spray pumps can handle the widest range oftip sizes, multiple guns, longer hose lengths, and heavier coatings with ease.Here are a few of its outstanding qualities:

  • Endurance MaxLife Piston Pump withincredibly long life.
  • QuikPak Cartridge System whichallows pump repacking in minutes.
  • MaxLife technology allows pumps tolast 6X longer between repacks.
  • Oversized passages designed tohandle high-velocity flows.
  • Easy Out Pump Filter with itsinside-out filtering and vertical design is easy to maintain.
  • Comes with Pro Connect, whichmakes it easy to quickly replace the pump without any tools.

Graco GH-300

The Graco Series GH 300 Sprayer also has astrong reputation in the coating pump industry ? especially amonghigh-production contractors. It has been a top seller since its inception and hasbeen praised as one of the best Graco coating pumps because of its power,user-friendliness, and refined technology. Some of its highlights include:

  • It is one of the most powerfulsprayers in its class.
  • It can spray acrylics, latex,elastomeric coatings, block fillers, drywall mud, primers, and water orsolvent-based paints.
  • Comes with the Graco ProConnectfor easy pump removal and replacement.
  • Has a high-capacity cooling systemthat sends heat away from the sprayer.
  • Has a 270 cc Honda engine with lowoil alert.

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