Graco is releasing the new Reactor 3 SPF proportioners |Graco is releasing the new Reactor 3 SPF proportioners 

By Kevin Malone

Graco has been a leader in the spray foam industry by producing equipment that continually beats out the competition. By staying at the cutting edge of industry trends and incorporating user feedback, each new series of Graco spray foam equipment is an improvement from the previous generation.

Though the Reactor 2 series has been incredibly successful for its longevity, user-friendliness, and quality, Graco has still found a way to fine-tune its features and create a sleek new line of Reactor 3 spray foam proportioners. The Graco Reactor 3 series currently includes four electric models:

Each Reactor 3 spray foam proportioner is available in standard, pro, and elite versions to be flexible in meeting contractor needs and budgets. It is also easier than ever to upgrade a Reactor 3's capabilities from standard to pro or elite when your job specifications change. Is this new system right for you? What is different and what can you expect from Graco Reactor 3 spray foam proportioners?

What Has Changed?

Though each Graco polyurea proportioner slightly differs in specifications like maximum hose length, pressure, and more, here are some of the improvements in each Reactor 3 proportioner and its supporting equipment:

  • Auto Pressure Balancing
    • Smart Control
    • Smart Supply
    • Supply Pump Shutdown
    • Cellular software updates
    • Power Management
    • Resistance Control Mode
  • New Xcelerator internally heated hoses in which A and B hoses are independently temperature controlled to optimize spray patterns and maximize yields. This hose system heats up 40% faster and weighs 10% less than previous models.
  • Updated Core Electric Transfer Pumps that communicate directly with the polyurea proportioner to optimize mixing and reduce downtime. It also runs more quietly than the typical air-driven pumps on the market.
  • Connectivity to Reactor Connect, Graco's premier remote control and data reporting app. Never be in the dark about what is going on with your rigs again!
  • Reactor Katalyst ensures that you stay on-ratio ? and much more. Katalyst's robust new capabilities allow the core electric transfer pumps to seamlessly communicate with your spray foam machine. This makes sure you have the optimal mix of iso and resin throughout every job for maximum performance and results.
  • More compact dimensions with a smaller footprint make the Reactor easier to fit in your rig.

These improvements work together to address the most significant needs contractors have with spraying foam. By taking feedback from professional spray foam users seriously, both small adjustments and new additions work together to improve the user experience.

To get more fleshed-out information about what is new and what you can expect, check out the interactive Reactor 3 page on the Graco website. Be sure to click on the yellow circles on the images to get more details about each component.

When Should You Upgrade?

If you are currently happy with your spray foam rig setup, you may be in no rush to reinvent the wheel. After all, the Reactor 2 series is one of our bestsellers and is compatible with Graco's Reactor Connect app. However, if you have been looking for ways to tweak your system to make it more profitable, or you just want to start fresh, the Graco Reactor 3 system can be a game-changer. Overall, if the current improvements address your biggest needs, then you should explore upgrading your equipment to this latest generation of technology.

Financing ? Your Key to the Best Equipment.

If your current rig setup has been causing interruptions or producing inconsistent results, you are missing out on reaching your highest potential. The right equipment will take you to the next level. Our convenient financing options allow you to get the best equipment to you with a manageable payment plan. We also finance used equipment if you need something low-cost to supplement operations. For more information, check out our financing calculator.

Spray Foam Insulation Equipment for Sale at Intech Equipment & Supply

Intech Equipment and Supply is a leading supplier of Graco spray foam machines and equipment. We have been among the top 20 distributors of Graco products annually for over a decade for the premier experience we give each client. The latest generation of Reactor 3 Graco equipment is an exciting development in the spray foam world. If you want to learn more about this field-tested, contractor-approved innovation that is backed by industry-leading support, speak with our sales team today.

The new Graco Reactor 3 spray foam proportioners can help you solve your SPF business challenges. Contact us to learn more.

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