Graco Spray Foam Guns: An In-Depth Guide


As anyone who may have used an inferior product knows, the quality of the work you provide in applying Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) depends on the quality of the equipment used.

That is why Graco spray foam guns are such a valuable, go-to tool for insulation contractors and home remodelers.

These guns dispense and apply materials to the area. The materials move from the proportioning machine to the gun for easy, seamless application. The spray gun works to mix the materials together, and, once done, allows the user to apply them directly to the surface. This process takes seconds, otherwise the material will begin to harden.

Intech Equipment & Supply offers several Graco options to choose from, each with specifications ideal for just about any application. Each of the Graco spray foam guns available provides for an easy-to-use solution for spraying insulation into place. However, each spray foam gun is a bit different.

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The Types of Spray Foam Guns Available from Intech Equipment & Supply

Choosing the right Graco spray gun depends on the task at hand. Here are a few types of spray guns offered:

Mechanical Purging Spray Foam Guns

In this design, the gun contains a valving road that provides separation of the materials. When the user pulls the trigger on these spray foam guns, the rod pulls back. This allows the chemicals within the hamber to be released and immediately mix. Once the application is complete, the user depresses the rod. It goes back to its original position, again keeping the chemicals from missing. The final step is a purging of any material located within the chamber, preventing the material from hardening and damaging the gun.

Air Purging Spray Foam Guns

A secondary option uses an air pressure design. When the user presses the trigger on these guns, the mixing chamber moves. This allows the chemicals to mix within it. Then, it uses a blast of air to discharge the material. This air helps to keep the chamber clear as well.

Solvent Purge Spray Foam Guns

Yet another design involves the use of a solvent chemical. This chemical works to prevent the chemical reaction from occurring. After the use of the gun, the chemical then flushes out the material to ensure no residue is left

The Benefits of the Graco Spray Foam Guns

Numerous types of spray foam guns are available from Intech. For any insulation installer or home remodeler, these are some of the best products to select from for their reliability and overall features:

Graco Fusion AP Gun

The Graco Fusion AP gun is a reliable and easy-touse gun for most seasoned contractors. A key benefit it offers is a design that contractors are familiar with and can use right away. It is also easy to use, easy to manage, and overall reliable. It is simple to maintain as well. This helps to reduce any worker downtime while ensuring a good quality finished result.

A key feature of this Graco spray foam gun is its simple maintenance. It takes only a few minutes to clean out the gun, reducing the risk of damage to it. It is less likely to get clogged as a result.

Graco Fusion CS

A secondary line of Graco spray foam guns available is the Graco CS Plural Component Fusion Gun. A key benefit to this system is its liquid purge technology.

The first of its kind, this system allows contractors to remain busy for long hours. The system is very reliable, cutting down on the amount of time the user will spend on the job.

Maintenance is also easy, but this system is a bit more advanced. To keep the system working at its very best, this spray foam gun uses ClearShot liquid. The cartridge slides into place with a snap. Then, when desired, it releases liquid into the chamber with each pull of the trigger. ClearShot reduces the amount of buildup possible within the gun, allowing for less downtime and fewer repairs. It reduces costs for repairs as well as labor for cleaning the spray foam guns

The Benefits of Buying Graco Spray Guns from Intech

The application of Graco spray foam guns is straightforward. These guns solve the tasks on hand, eliminating risks of complications and speeding up the application of insulation.

Intech’s line of Graco spray foam guns available to the home remodeler or insulation application specialist ensures the best results. The line is known for its high quality, easy to-use design

These spray guns offer key benefits:

  • They are easy to learn to use, reducing time with mistakes or complications.
  • They work to keep the interior chambers clean, reducing the risk that the material will build up and clog the gun.
  • Maintenance takes minutes, reducing employee downtime.

With proper planning based on the type of work done, it is possible to select the right spray foam gun equipment for your needs.

Intech Equipment & Supply is your one-stop shop for all-things spray foam. Contact us today for more information.

Don’t have time to read the whole guide right now? No worries! Download the pdf copy here.

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