Choosing Older vs Newer Graco Spray Foam Insulation Equipment

By Kevin Malone

Business owners must be sure every dollar theyinvest has the best chance of generating a good return on investment (ROI).Just like hiring a good employee goes a long way in terms of customersatisfaction and good job results, buying good equipment enables you toincrease productivity and deliver good results that boost your business'sreputation.

When the time comes to buy spray foaminsulation equipment, we highly recommend Gracospray foam insulation equipment for its stability and goodperformance. But what works better for your business--a newer or older Graco spray insulation machine?In this article, we weigh the pros and cons of each.

The Pros of Buying Newer GracoEquipment

Newer Graco spray insulation machines offer many benefits that help SPF contractorsget the best possible results. When customers tell us performance is a priority,we recommend newer Gracospray foam insulation equipment because it offers the following benefits:

  1. Ease in finding replacement parts: There are plenty of parts and accessories available for newer spray foam machines and spray guns. Since newer equipment is actively in production, it is in the manufacturer's best interest to ensure replacement parts and accessories are readily available. So, if you purchase newer Graco equipment, you can be assured that you will not have a problem finding parts in case you need repairs.
  2. Ease in servicing the equipment: As equipment ages becomes, it is more likely to need repairs. It will also be more difficult to find a technician who is familiar enough with the model to make the repairs. As a case in point, it is easier to find a mechanic who can repair a 2013 Toyota Camry than one who can service a 1962 Camaro. Newer Graco spray insulation machines are also easier to service than their older counterparts because there is more familiarity with the machine in the industry and a wider availability of resources.
  3. Longer possible equipment life: With newer Graco equipment, there are fewer concerns about wear and tear. If a Graco spray insulation machine is a newer model and is in mint condition, it will likely give you years of good service as long as it is properly maintained.
  4. Most advanced features: Newer Graco equipment included enhancements and features that have been designed and added based on feedback from customers. So, if you have newer make even better equipment in the latest models. When you get the newest Graco spray foam insulation equipment, you benefit from new features that have been added and improvements that have been made.

Cons of Buying Newer GracoEquipment

There are two sides to every story, whichmeans there are disadvantages to buying new equipment.

  1. Higher cost: Newer Graco spray foam insulation equipment comes with a higher price, especially if it is in mint condition. This is because the equipment has not yet depreciated and you are paying for the fact that the product has little wear and tear.
  2. Possible learning curve for brand new models: If a piece of equipment is the latest-generation model and new on the market, there will be a learning curve on servicing and maintenance best practices while mechanics become familiar with it. Graco and Intech can provide excellent customer support and troubleshooting help if any issues arise, but you can expect that there will not be much knowledge about a newly-released model until a few months after its debut.

The Pros of Buying Older GracoEquipment

Purchasing older equipment offers cost-savingand other benefits for contractors. These are some of the main pros of buyingolder Graco spray foaminsulation equipment.

  1. Familiarity: Sometimes an older machine can be easier to operate instead of having to take the time to learn how to operate a new model. For example, the Graco Gusmer spray foam machine line has a rugged, simplistic design that suits many contractors' preferences for a straightforward, dependable spraying style.
  2. Lower Cost: Older equipment--especially used equipment, costs less because it has been in operation longer and because it has depreciated.
  3. Immediate Availability: While newer products may be unavailable due to high demand, older models are likely to be in stock and can be shipped without delay.

The Cons of Buying Older Graco Spray Foam InsulationEquipment

There are drawbacks to buying older equipment.Here are the common reasons why owning older equipment can be a disadvantage:

  1. Unvetted used equipment: Older, used equipment that was not purchased from a reputable source could end up being a waste of money. A common problem is there may be crystallized isocyanate buildup in the conduits and parts if a machine has not been well-maintained. This is why it is important to buy used equipment from a reliable company with a good industry reputation.
  2. Difficulty in finding parts: The older your equipment becomes, the harder it will be to find parts. Before you buy an older Graco spray insulation machine ask us about the availability of replacement parts.

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