What's New in Graco Big Rig Paint Sprayers

By Kevin Malone

In 1958, the Gray Company (which later became Graco) made the first airless paint sprayer. By ensuring even coatings, this innovation revolutionized the way contractors paint, saving them hours of labor. For jobs requiring only simple hand painting and rolling, this change expanded the ground painters could cover in a day. Instead of expending a lot of energy coating small areas, contractors could expand their reach and schedules to include higher-volume work.

Over the years, new Graco big rig paint sprayers have been unveiled, from large hydraulic models to the company's latest cordless finishing sprayer. Each type met a specific need for painters in commercial and residential industries.

Graco's new family of GH Big Rig gas hydraulic sprayers is designed for contractors who need high performance for large jobs. Look no further than Graco's Big Rig paint sprayers if you need a commercial or industrial hydraulic paint sprayer.

GH Big Rigs: A Contractor's Choice

GH Big Rig gas hydraulic sprayers are seen as go-to products for busy contractors for various reasons. One reason is dependability. Gas sprayers are self-sufficient and do not need electricity or a compressor. They are also highly portable, have higher production rates, and are better at handling heavier and thicker coatings.

Graco Big Rig paint sprayers come in various models to help every contractor that requires different performance points and coating types. When you buy a new Graco Big Rig, you have the peace of mind offered by a complete 3-year warranty. If you want to win more paint and coating jobs this year, check out these GH Big Rig family models:

  • GH 1017
  • GH 2570
  • GH 733
  • GH 5040
  • GH 833
  • GH 933

All are available in ES (electric start) models, a great convenience option to include in your order! These models are 100% factory- and field-tested, so you can be sure they are ideal for spray foam and roofing contractors.

What is in the GH Big Rigs?

The GH line of gas hydraulic sprayers applies a variety of coatings with unmatched versatility. It is a new line equipped with exclusive features developed by top Graco engineers, including QuikChange Lowers, a QuikAccess intake valve, and Xtreme? Pump to improve functionality and decrease downtime.

Contractors can customize their Big Rig sprayer for each coating, saving them time and money since they do not need to purchase different rigs to apply different coatings. Whether it is paint or elastomerics, the GH Big Rig series has a model for your needs. This is a complete list of features that are included on all GH Big Rigs:

  • A Heavy-Duty Graco Hydraulic System that provides:
    • Faster, more responsive changeover
    • High precision pressure control.
  • Heavy-Duty Cooling System:
    • Large 4-gallon reservoir
    • Durable hydraulic filter for extended life
  • Xtreme? Pump that includes:
    • QuikChange pump section
    • Long-life XtremeSeal?
    • Leather packings
  • QuikAccess intake valve that removes easily for fast repairs
  • 390 cc Honda Engine for maximum performance

What is New in GH Big Rigs?

Aside from the updated features included in all the models in this line, you can have your Big Rig upgraded to an ES model. This features a Honda Engine with Electric Start and a high capacity, 12-volt 18 amp charging system. Keep tabs on Graco's latest news to get updates on new paint sprayers and spray foam equipment that will soon be available.

What Coatings Can Each Model Apply?

At our Intech store, we have hand-picked our favorite GH Big Rig models. For the highest satisfaction and value for your investment, choose a model that works with your coating types. These are the materials each of our top Big Rigs can apply:

  • The GH-733 is a favorite for roofers and contractors that spray diverse materials. Applies acrylics, block filler, coal tar, contact cement, elastomerics, enamel, epoxies, fibered aluminum emulsion, fibered asphalt emulsion, mastics, non-fibered aluminum emulsion, non-fibered asphalt emulsion, paint, polyester, polyurethane, primer, texture mud, and waterproofing materials.
  • The GH-833 is like the 733 but has several extra features like its Flow-Through Filter System. It applies the same materials as the 733ES with the addition of burmastics.
  • The GH-933 sprays hard-to-atomize materials and heavy-bodied materials that require high pressure. It is excellent for roofing contractors and those who need to waterproof and fireproof surfaces. This model can apply all the GH-833's list of materials plus silicon and intumescents.

Graco Big Rig Paint Sprayers for Sale at Intech Equipment & Supply

Getting new equipment is a big step to take due to the upfront cost. Since timely upgrades can expand your capabilities, you should not wait. If you need to finance a new Graco Big Rig, Graco Big Rig Paint Sprayer, or other equipment, Intech has payment plans. For more information, check out our financing calculator.

Are you interested in getting a new Graco Big Rig Paint sprayer so you can expand your business? Contact us to speak to one of our experts.

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