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Learn about the different types of spray foam machines available, how they work and the features associated with each one.

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PMC Mobile Spray Foam Rigs

A PMC mobile spray foam rig offers you an easy, convenient way to transport and store all the spray foam equipment, parts and accessories you need in a self-contained, portable unit. It allows you to quickly move from one job site to another and provides a place for you to securely store equipment to guard against damage and theft and protect it from the elements.

PMC mobile spray foam rigs are custom designed for your specific needs. Therefore, you can rest assured that your rig will contain the type of equipment you need for the jobs you do and that the cost will fit your budget. Your rig can be installed in your vehicle, or you can choose a used box truck or trailer from our inventory.

When you own a PMC spray foam rig, you have top-quality equipment and also derive cost-saving benefits because we manufacture all spray foam rigs in-house at our service centers nationwide. Each branch provides technical support as well as maintenance and repair service. We also include two days of equipment training with the purchase of all custom spray foam rigs.

Recommended Products for Your PMC Mobile Spray Foam Rig


PH-2 Proportioner

A member of the newest generation of PMC proportioners. Built-in pressure balance control shuts down the unit when pressure imbalance occurs and innovative electrical console design eliminates the need for circuit boards and displays.

AP-2 & AP-3 Spray Guns

One of the lightest, smallest and lowest-priced air-purge spray guns available. Patented separate chamber and pattern control tip (PCT) gives you the option to create a variety of spray patterns and the ability to create different back pressures to custom mix foam and coatings.

Heated Hoses

Reliable and rugged construction with a reinforced, braided design is tough enough to withstand job site wear and tear and provides a long-lasting return on your investment. Learn more about low pressure and high pressure hoses.

PH-25 Proportioners

Operator-friendly and easy to service. All components are easy to replace and readily available. The redesigned electrical console uses no circuit boards or displays, and point-to-point wiring makes troubleshooting a snap.

Please visit our online store to see a full list of PMC products.

Consult Our Experts

Our technical support team has extensive spray foam industry experience and can help you build a PMC spray foam rig that is perfect for your business needs and fits your budget requirements. Contact our experts online or call 1-866-652-9975 for help designing your custom PMC mobile spray foam rig.



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