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Check out the top-selling Graco equipment offered by Intech Equipment & Supply, and learn about the types of spray foam equipment available.

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InTech Equipment & Supply

Check out the top-selling PMC equipment offered by Intech Equipment & Supply, and learn about the types of spray foam equipment available.

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Personal Protection and Safety Equipment

Among the most important of all types of spray foam equipment are items designed to ensure the health and safety of workers applying these materials. This can included respiratory and air supply equipment, eye and ear protection supplies, fall prevention equipment, knee protectors and more. These are all essentials tools to help keep spray foam professionals safe.

Safety On the Job

You may already be aware that spray foam is a highly effective insulation and air sealant material. Yet, in spite of this amazing advancement in the insulation and building industry, exposure to the chemical components that react to make spray foam can pose serious and potential health risks.

Practicing safety on a job site is the most important thing any of us can do during our workday. Every job has some level of danger to it, and taking care to ensure your own safety and the safety of your crews should always be the top priority.

Proceed With Caution

Did you know that during a spray foam application, only workers wearing appropriate personal protective equipment should be present on the job site?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), only trained applicators and related team members using effective workplace practices – including ventilation – and appropriate protective equipment should be present during and immediately after spray foam installation. Furthermore, to avoid exposure to chemicals as these products cure, the occupants of the building should not return until the manufacturer’s re-entry procedures have been met.

Ensuring the Highest Level of Safety

When working in spray foam, roofing and other related fields, personal protection and safety equipment should be top priorities. Planning ahead with your safety equipment purchases can save your life or one of your crew members – and, at the very least, allow you to avoid costly fines from OSHA and other safety equipment regulations.

At Intech Equipment & Supply, we work to do our part to help promote the highest level of safety among all spray foam businesses. Browse safety equipment for respiratory protection, air supply, equipment for confined space work, fall prevention, face, ear and eye protection, knee protection, supplemental industrial lighting, hot and cold climate care and much more.

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