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Miller Fall Protection

When it comes to safety on the job site, fall prevention is of utmost importance. Provide your crews with the best fall protection systems, offered by Honeywell safety and Miller Fall Protection. OSHA shouldn’t be the only ones warning that proper safety and care is necessary atop buildings, particularly on commercial jobs. Residential roofs may still pose a fall danger, but commercial buildings are often higher and require that proper fall protection systems be in place. Don’t wait for an accident, plan ahead and keep your crews safe.

All Miller brand fall protection products meet all applicable OSHA, ANSI, and CSA requirements and standards. All products offered under the Miller name have been designed and tested by full-time engineers and technicians. Miller creates and test fall prevention products in their Franklin, PA location, which has been designated "The Fall Protection Center of Operational Excellence in the Americas". They are committed to your safety just as we are, a small investment now could make all of the difference in the future.

Traditional lanyards, harnesses, lifelines and more are available in a wide variety of styles. In addition, Miller has introduced the trademarked Revolution Harness, designed with seven components and 11 other additional product safety features. Another great product is the Miller Scorpion, a personal fall limiter, and a budget friendly alternative to lanyards that are shock-absorbing. Regardless of your specific needs, crew size and budget, the full line of fall protection equipment by Miller is sure to have ample solutions for you. Order your fall protection systems online today or contact our talented professionals regarding any additional safety questions or concerns you may have. Our many years in the roofing industry have provided us with an abundance of knowledge regarding safety regulations and best practices- knowledge that we are always happy to share!
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