Top 4 Reasons Graco Spray Foam Equipment is Your Best Choice

By Kevin Malone

Top 4 Reasons Graco Spray Foam Equipment is Your Best Choicer business on track, you can't afford any setbacks with equipment performance.

If you have equipment that is outdated or not functioning well, it can slow your progress with interruptions for maintenance and troubleshooting. These delays are one of the reasons why having excellent equipment is crucial to building a successful business. Many contractors depend on Graco equipment to have peace of mind about staying on schedule and having excellent results. Here are four other reasons why Graco spray equipment is your best choice.

1. Graco Makes DependableEquipment

If you were to need one reason alone, the factthat Graco machines, spray foam guns, and accessories are the top choices ofseasoned contractors across the world is enough. For nearly 100 years, Gracohas been manufacturing fluid-handling equipment for many industries. The brandhas become a staple name in the spray foam industry, providing some of the mostdependable and best-loved equipment in the SPF world, such as the ProblerP2, Reactor 2 spray foam machines, Graco AP fusion spray foam gun, andGusmer spray foam machines. These are just a few of the dependable equipmentthat Graco offers and that loyal customers know they can count on.

2. More Uptime; Less Downtime

If you ask any SPF contractor what they wouldlike more of when on a job, more uptime will be among the top requests. Gracoequipment maximizes uptime by reducing the need for frequent maintenance and bymaking troubleshooting simpler. Here are two examples of how Graco has focusedon maximizing uptime:

  • The Graco ProConnect spray foam gun has a removable cartridge that can simply be replaced instead of putting together individual parts.
  • The Reactor 2 E-30 spray foam machine has a brushless electric motor that requires little to no maintenance while offering improved control and performance. This machine also shows a QR code on its troubleshooting screen that you can scan with your smartphone which directs you to the possible cause of the malfunction. This is much faster than looking up an error code on your own.

Features like these reduce the amount of workrequired to keep spray foam machines and guns in service. They also ensure anexcellent spray pattern for a longer period of time. This keeps contractorslike you on task and contributes to a thriving business.

3. Graco Equipment Has the Strongest Warranties in theIndustry

When you want quality SPF equipment, it is assuring when the company can stand by their products. Graco offers one of the strongest warranties in the spray foam industry. For example, all their Reactor 2 systems have generous warranties on specific features.

Specifically, the Reactor 2 proportioner can come with a three-year extended warranty on its control boards, display module, and electric motor. Ensuring the replacement or repair of these crucial parts without any additional cost to the operator gives peace of mind when running a business. Considering the cost of spray foam equipment, this assurance also makes the investment in Graco equipment a financially smart move.

4.Graco Offers Forward-Thinking Solutions

Graco is ahead of the game on many levels,especially regarding their sophisticated manufacturing. Their products areequipped with features that are highly desirable to contractors who needaccurate data, excellent results, and dynamic control options. Graco has comefully astride with the digital age to provide solutions for operators who livein a tech-driven world.

  • Graco InSite remote reporting technology transmits real-time job activity to your mobile device. You can also control your Graco machine that is compatible with the InSite app.
  • The Ratio Assurance System makes sure that the materials are at the right ratio for optimal mixing.
  • It's also possible to programvarious models of Graco proportioners to shut off if there is a pressureimbalance or low chemical levels.

These are just a couple of theforward-thinking features included while manufacturing Graco equipment, and they have thecontractor's best interests at heart.

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