Top 5 Reasons to Choose a PMC PH40 Spray Foam Machine

By Kevin Malone

Contractors who need to tackle big jobs with as little downtime as possible need a spray foam machine that is easy to use, powerful, and reliable. This is why the PH40 from Polyurethane Machinery Corporation (PMC) is a popular choice for them. The PH40 is one of the top spray foam machines for high output applications, especially commercial roofs. Here are the top 5 reasons why our customers choose the PMC PH40 spray foam machine.

PH-40 Overview

The PMC Proportioner PH-40 is a hydraulic spray foam machine that helps contractors easily complete tough commercial spray foam jobs. Its superior design promises little downtime and consistent results. This machine is part of PMC's 'classic' PH series, which is intentionally simple in construction for easy troubleshooting and operation. It combines rugged durability with the technological sophistication professionals demand. Contractors can customize it to meet their unique needs, but the default features of the PMC PH40 spray foam machine are:

  • Dimensions of 40w x 26d x 52h
  • Max working pressure: customizable up to 3,500 psi
  • Max hose length: 410 feet
  • Hose heating power: 120 volts
  • Output: 40 lbs or 2.5 gallons per minute
  • Weight: 520 lbs without hydraulic fluid; 555 lbs with hydraulic fluid
  • Maximum fluid temperature: 190 degrees Fahrenheit

Reason #1: Powerful, High Output

If you're looking for a powerful machine with the output to handle extremely demanding jobs, this is the right choice for your business. The PMC PH-40 spray foam machine has a default max working pressure of 2,000 psi that can be customized up to 3,500 psi. It also has a maximum output of 40 lbs and different ratio settings. This machine's versatility in pressure and ratio settings allows contractors to process many types of foam coatings, which makes it an invaluable tool for many commercial SPF applications.

Reason #2: User-Friendly Features

A world-class, high-output spray foam machine doesn't need a complicated design and obscure parts. The simpler the machine, the easier it is to operate and maintain. The PH-40 follows this principle by offering high productivity along with ease of use.

  • The open-frame design allows you to easily access all components.
  • Need to troubleshoot a problem? The point-to-point wiring scheme makes finding and addressing issues easier ? much more easily than designs with a circuit board.
  • If you need to make replacements, you can easily find all of the PH-40s components and parts that you need in our online store.

Overall, the PMC PH-40 spray foam machine's basic design eliminates cumbersome troubleshooting because it does not include unnecessary and difficult-to-find parts. This makes it the perfect machine for busy contractors who like efficiency and quality.

Reason #3: Virtually Maintenance Free

While all machines need consistent maintenance and proper storage, the PMC PH-40 spray foam machine is designed to minimize tedious maintenance. It comes with features that eliminate time-consuming maintenance that many other machines require to keep the system running smoothly. Here are a few examples of what it offers:

  • A sophisticated reversing system that is initiated by proximity switches. Solid-state relays control the system to keep it in good condition without a lot of maintenance. 
  • Convenient pressure balance control that shuts down the machine any time it detects a pressure imbalance. 
  • The machine's opposed-piston metering pumps make it easy to perform ball checks.

Reason #4: Automated Features

The PMC PH-40 spray foam machine's smart features perform general maintenance and system monitoring. So, you can focus on growing your business instead of routine equipment maintenance.

  • Fine details like lubrication are a snap because the Automatic ISO lube system keeps the PH-40 properly lubricated with just the right amount of grease.
  • You have the choice to pre-set a countdown shutoff, which interrupts the pump circuit before the material drum becomes empty.
  • You can keep your PMC PH-40 spray foam machine at the proper temperature throughout the day with the Digital Automatic Temperature Control. Its sensors keep track of the temperature in the hose where it is close to the spray foam gun.
  • The Inlet monitoring system assures that the pressure of the foam concentrate and water inlets stay equal, which leads to optimal results.

Reason #5: Customizable with Optional Equipment

If you do not like the default settings, PMC offers customizable options to enhance them with add-ons. Tell us what you need and we will be happy to adjust your machine to include extra features such as material transfer pumps, 55 or 30-gallon drums, recirculation blocks, a ratio testing tool, a replaceable TSU probe, up to 21.5 KW of heat, up to 3,500 maximum psi and various ratio settings.

PMC PH-40 Spray Foam Machines Available at Intech

Intech Equipment and Supply is a full-service equipment and parts supplier of SPF equipment and is a proud distributor of PMC products. Our team is ready to meet your unique equipment and accessory needs.

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