Top Manufacturers of Commercial Spray Foam Rigs for 2022

By Kevin Malone

The construction industry has become aware of the benefits of spray foam. As a result, manufacturers of fluid-handling equipment have quickly pivoted to provide high-quality spray foam equipment. Over the years, there have been a variety of SPF manufacturers, but the big names that have stood out include Graco, Glascraft, Gusmer, and PMC (Polyurethane Machine Corporation). Healthy competition among these brands has inspired the creation of ground-breaking innovations like Graco's Reactor series and PMC's outstanding PH series.

Graco is a strong leader in this group. When it acquired Gusmer in 2005 and Glascraft in 2008, it added the innovations of two outstanding companies to its own offerings and has remained on the cutting edge of the spray foam technology industry.

Let us take a closer look at these top commercial spray foam rig equipment manufacturers. All equipment is available in the Intech online store.


In the spray foam world, Graco is king. It has almost 100 years of experience in the fluid handling industry, and it has applied the wisdom gained from acquiring Glascraft and Gusmer. Graco offers spray foam rig equipment for a broad range of spray foam applications and contractors' needs. Graco's diverse product lines allow contractors to get highly specialized equipment, whether they need pneumatic, electric, or hydraulic machines, spray foam, or polyurea proportioners.

Graco is known for being an SPF trendsetter. Some of its innovations include user-friendly electronic control boards, smartphone app integration, more straightforward designs, and easier troubleshooting. Automated features, pressure balance control and ratio, data-recording tracking, and ratio assurance significantly reduce the possibility of common errors.

When you examine our selection of mobile spray foam rigs, many include Graco equipment because the company makes some of the best entry-level and advanced spray foam equipment. For example, the Graco Upgraded Reactor E-20 Package is an excellent mid-tier rig that is useful for a broad spectrum of SPF applications. It is a safe, economical choice for contractors who need power and quality but do not think they are ready to commit to a larger machine like the Graco E-30 or Graco H-40, designed for roofing and large commercial SPF jobs.

When it comes to 2022 picks, though, we need to recognize the Graco 3 Reactor system, the latest generation of Reactors on the market. It offers seamless communication from the drum to the hose, making it this year's top Graco spray foam rig pick.

PMC (Polyurethane Machine Corporation)

PMC is another spray foam equipment manufacturer with a long history of excellence. It also offers different lines of air-driven, electric, and hydraulic spray foam and polyurea machines.

Its machines are known for offering the best bang for your buck, with outstanding performance for entry-level prices. Though all the machines are different, they include intelligent features like relay-logic control and point-to-point wiring, which simplify troubleshooting and reduce errors.

Regarding 2022 picks, PMC's newest generation of proportioners, the PHD-2 and PHDX-2, are excellent choices. Both follow the 'smart' SPF machine trend by allowing users to track, monitor, save data, and troubleshoot. They also alert users when routine maintenance is required. With a max output of 28 lbs per minute, they are an excellent option for contractors who need a dependable mid-tier machine.

PMC's hydraulic PH series is a long-standing favorite that offers high value at an entry-level price. These are some of our preferred models from the PH series.

  • PH-2 - This mid-tier spray foam machine is one of the most affordable hydraulic SPF machines with horizontal pumps. It is a powerhouse that can spray up to 28 lbs per minute and is fully equipped with automations like pressure balance control and count-down shutoff.
  • PHX- 25 - A stronger machine than the PH-2, the PHX-25 is suited for coatings and more demanding applications that require output of up to 30 lbs per minute.
  • PH- 40 - An excellent spray foam machine for commercial SPF applications and SPF roofing. If you have higher output needs, this hydraulic machine's 40 lbs per minute will keep you on schedule.
  • PHX-40 - The upgraded version of the PH-40 is suited for high output coatings that require up to 3500 PSI.

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