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Spray Rig Equipment Packages

Intech Equipment & Supply’s team of experts have assembled hundreds of foam insulation equipment packages designed for specialty applications and materials. 

We always listen carefully to feedback from SPF contractors and material suppliers. Their input helps us design and build foam insulation equipment packages that increase productivity and maximize yields. 

Our fully assembled foam insulation packages are pressure tested, and we spray using the materials that a contractor typically uses. This approach allows us to catch any leaks or potential issues with the SPF equipment before it arrives at your job sites, as well as maximizes the equipment’s value and design. 

Check Out our 747 Equipment Package!

Our 747 foam insulation package features a Graco Reactor and is designed to fully adhere insulation boards and single-ply membranes to low slope commercial roof systems. Low-rise SPF foam adhesive is dispensed via a bead or spattered with a special tip to minimize overspray. This spray foam machine is versatile in that you can seamlessly switch between spatter and bead dispenser with a small adjustment to the standard Fusion AP spray gun. 

Using fully adhered foam insulation machines lets you minimize roof penetrations. Also, the strength of the bond to the roof deck is far superior to mechanical fasteners.  

Shop our foam insulation equipment packages online, or call our SPF experts today to discuss your unique requirements. 

We can recommend a foam insulation equipment package or we can custom-build a solution to meet your particular needs.  

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