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By Kevin Malone

You give your spray foam business an extra edge when you reduce downtime and improve the quality of projects delivered. This is why you need top-quality Graco spray equipment. Established in 1926, Graco has been manufacturing fluid-handling equipment for almost 100 years and is well-known as an industry leader. The innovative and dependable solutions it offers spray foam contractors lead the way and inspire other companies to offer cutting-edge products.

Graco spray rigs have a reputation for endurance, dependability, and ease of use. When it is time to replace old equipment or upgrade your fleet, consider adding top Graco spray equipment to your rigs. Here are the products that we recommend.

How to Pick Graco Spray Equipment

If you are a busy roofing contractor who depends on high volume SPF machines for large applications and coatings, the best equipment for you is much different compared to a residential spray foam contractor. This is why Graco offers a wide variety of spray foam guns, spray foam machines, and accessories that are tailored to different application types and volume needs. Whether you consistently do slab jacking, residential insulation, or commercial roofing, we can help you find the right Graco equipment combination that best suits your needs. These are top equipment choices to consider for your Graco spray rig.

Spray Foam Guns

The type of spray foam gun you need depends on the kind of work that you do. Each gun has its own strengths and particular is suited for particular applications.

  • Fusion Air Purge: An air-purge, plural-component spray foam gun is ideal for a wide range of applications.
  • Probler P2: This gun has an innovative double-piston, anti-crossover design that makes it easy to install, and a classic favorite for slab jacking and other applications that require consistency and power.
  • Fusion ClearShot: This is the SPF industry's first liquid-purge spray foam gun. It uses a disposable cartridge for easy purging and consistent work with little to no downtime.
  • GX-7: This is a favorite for contractors who want a gun that operates in the toughest conditions. It is dependable and offers excellent pattern control for superb results. There is more volume in its air cap which keeps its tip cleaner longer.
  • GX-8: This model is perfect for applying low-output, fast-set polyurea, polyurethane, and hybrid coatings. It uses direct impingement mixing to assure a high yield and an excellent surface finish. The GX-8 also has more volume in its air cap to reduce downtime.
  • Fusion ProConnect: This easy-to-use gun gives you a perfect rebuild in seconds, which is critical to making every second count. It has an all-in-one cartridge head instead of individual parts. By replacing just one cartridge, there is no need for a time-consuming rebuild.

The Best Graco Spray Foam Machines

Much depends on the quality of your spray foam machine. So, to ensure your materials are processed correctly, you need a machine that is easy to troubleshoot, maintain, and operate. Graco's reactors are top-quality products that work for all spray foam applications from slab jacking to industrial roofing. These are the top picks among Graco machines:

  • Reactor E-20: Entry-level contractors favor this portable electric proportioner that is easy to operate and maintain. It produces just the right volume for small, residential jobs.
  • Reactor 2 E-30: This mid-production electric proportioner can tackle a broad range of applications, which makes it an excellent product for contractors who work on a wide variety of job types.
  • Reactor 2 H-30: This machine is similar to the E-30 but it is hydraulic, which means it has more power. It offers a mid-yield, which is excellent for both residential and commercial applications.
  • Reactor 2 H-40: This advanced hydraulic spray foam machine has high yield potential. It is a favorite among roofing contractors for its power and consistency.
  • Gusmer GH-2 / GH-4- Gusmer offers simple, strong, and reliable hydraulic spray foam machines. They are favorite among contractors for concrete lifting applications.

The Best Graco Spray Foam Accessories

Graco offers solutions beyond spray foam guns and machines that facilitate the application process to produce consistently excellent results.

  • T3 Transfer Pump: This 3:1 ratio pump moves A and B materials to Graco's Reactor Spray Systems. It is a combination of Graco's Merkur air-motor and T2 stainless steel lower. This unique construction makes it use less air pressure while providing the same required fluid pressure.
  • Heated Hoses: These conduits move the A and B materials to the spray foam gun. By keeping the materials at the right temperature in transit, heated hosesensure the best possible application.

Graco Spray Rigs At Intech Equipment & Supply

If you are interested in purchasing new or used Graco spray equipment for your rig, take advantage of our financing options for 2020. Our financing calculator will help you understand your payment options for new or used equipment.

If you have any questions about what Graco spray rig is a good fit for your operations and budget, contact us to talk about your options. We will help you get the equipment you need to grow your business.

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