Top Graco Equipment for 2019

By Kevin Malone

Top Graco Equipment for 2019

Every serious spray foam contractor knows thatSPF equipment requires a lot of upkeep and care to function well. Any featuresthat add convenience and reduce downtime are invaluable to keep operators onschedule. The right equipment from trusted brands can make a difference in abusiness's overall revenue and success, and it pays off to invest in them.

Intech Equipment and supply is a top supplierof spray foam equipment from the most trusted brands in the industry. Graco isa mainstay name in the spray foam insulation world for its dependable products.Year after year, they innovate on ways to make the application of spray foameasier, faster, and more streamlined.

Graco: Trusted by Contractors Worldwide

Graco has developed a solid reputation as a leader in spray foam equipment. They have perfected their products over the years, including their spray foam machines and guns that allow contractors to apply insulation and slab jacking. When it comes to spray foam insulation, their equipment is top-notch and continues to improve as they gather client feedback and create new technology to resolve common grievances.

Hereis the top Graco equipment for the second half of 2019:

GracoSpray Foam Guns

Your spray foam gun's performance is criticalto the success of the project. Materials are set to the right temperature andpressure then meet in the gun to create polyurethane or spray foam insulation.The wrong gun will clog quickly or produce watery spray foam. This problem iscommon with cheap spray foam kits that are sold from non-certified vendors.

To make sure that these problems don't happento you, invest in a dependable machine and gun that can process the chemicalreactions correctly. Graco spray foam guns are dependable and long-lasting andminimize your downtime as much as possible. Here are our top picks for thisyear.

  • The Probler P2: This is a classic mainstay that contractors love for its lightweight nature and double-piston design. It makes a common appearance online in tutorials as the go-to gun for spray foam application. It is both powerful and responsive and excellent for both polyurethane foam and polyurea applications. Its advanced double-piston design ensures the P2 is lightweight and easy to maneuver, without sacrificing performance.
  • GAP Air Purge Spray Gun: This gun is a great choice for contractors who typically perform high-output applications of polyurethane foam and polyurea. It's smartly designed with hardened steel side seals and easy-to-access screens that decrease the time you spend for maintenance.

Graco Reactors: Smarter Than Ever

Over the years, Graco has made many great proportioners to suit different volume application needs. Their Reactor 2 Hydraulic Proportioner has been a big hit with contractors for its outstanding performance, easy troubleshooting, and intelligent features that embody the values of 2019's contractor. To make it even better, Graco recently developed the additional Reactor 2 Ratio Assurance system.

  • The Ratio Assurance System addresses a long-standing problem with spray foam: staying 'on ratio.' To create the right consistency and quality of spray foam, materials need to not only be heated, mixed, and pressurized correctly, but they must also be administered at the right ratio. If too much or too little of the materials are sent into the gun, you get incorrect R-values and other issues that decrease the insulation's quality.

If you already have a Reactor 2 proportioner,you can buy a Reactor 2 Ratio Assurancekit to update your older model. This system will make sure that you'reachieving the right material ratio every time. After its installation, you canreceive ratio reports through the Reactor app on your mobile device. Thisreporting system will inform you have any single point variables that usuallyresult in being off ratio, such as:

  • Air in the fluid stream
  • Feed pump too small
  • Poor material feed to theproportioner
  • Proportioner pump issues
  • Fluid leaks
  • Fluid restriction in heated hoseor spray gun

By presenting all the singular possible causesof ratio issues, the new multi-tiered ratio assurance system sets the SPFcontractor up for success. It informs contractors about all potential problemswith both pressure and flow to give the most accurate troubleshooting solutionsto ratio issues. In short, this is a must-have for 2019.

Top Graco Equipment at Intech Equipment

At Intech Equipment and Supply, we also carry Graco parts and accessories to keepyour machines and guns running smoothly.

Contact us to see what we currently have and how we can supply your spray foam insulation business.

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