Top Graco Spray Equipment for 2020

By Kevin Malone

A new decade calls foruncharted frontiers to be covered in the spray foam industry. 2020 promisesfurther progress in the SPF market. Graco has been in business for over 90years providing customers with fluid-handling equipment that reach intomultiple industries ? including spray foam insulation.

When the brand unveiled its innovative Graco spray units, SPF guns, slab jacking pumps, and other polyurea solutions, SPF insulation was just gaining traction as a more reliable alternative to fiberglass. Today, large commercial buildings, local businesses, and residential clients desire spray foam over fiberglass for its air-tightness, high R-value, and excellent protective abilities.

Choosing the top equipment makes all the difference in your business's performance and consistency. Meet the growing needs of your clients with equipment that can handle the job. Here is the top Graco spray equipment for 2020.

Graco's History

Graco has nearly 100 years of history under its belt. Since its founding in 1926, Graco has become a leading provider in spray equipment and pumps for fluid handling. The first Reactor series spray foam machine came into production in the early 2000s, marking Graco has a top manufacturer of complex spray foam equipment. Today, their equipment is used around the world and shipped from international distribution centers.

Intech Equipment andsupply also carries the latest Graco equipment in four distribution centerslocated throughout the continental U.S. This grants customers timely access toGraco's highly engineered and innovative products.

Top Graco Machines

Seasoned SPF contractorsknow that Graco machines are a staple in the spray foam industry. Known fortheir leading innovations, Graco continues to improve its models in terms ofperformance and productivity. Here are the top picks.

  • Reactor E-20: Small to mid-scale contractors who work with predominantly residential or small commercial projects can thrive with this electric plural-component sprayer. It applies up to 20 pounds of spray foam per minute. Graco has designed this model for long equipment life, more uptime between maintenance needs, and durability. Have total control with its digital pressure and heat controls and reach the right temperature more quickly with its powerful hybrid heaters.
  • Reactor2 E-30: This next-gen modelelectric spray foam machine is both dependable and advanced enough for yourmodern contracting needs. This model, along with the rest of Graco's Reactor 2machines, is compatible with the Reactor App that sends real-time job activityto your smartphone. You can adjust the settings of your Graco spray pumps, change the temperature or pressure, or turn themachine on and off. If you have a fleet of Reactor 2 machines, you cancommunicate with all of them through a multi-system dashboard.
  • GusmerGH-2: Contractors who specializein roof insulation or slab jacking often turn to the Gusmer GH-2. Thishydraulic machine is known for its simplicity,durability, and power. Applyingover 30 lbs of spray foam per minute, the Gusmer GH-2 stands out from otherslab jacking pumps for its ease of use and quality. 

Top Spray Foam Guns

It's important to choosea spray foam gun that performs well. Graco's guns are designed with yourcomfort and bottom line in mind. As you browse their selections, you'll findequipment that is intuitive to use, with innovations to reduce downtime andmaximize user comfort.

  • GracoFusion AP: This simple air purgegun is a popular choice for many SPF professionals. There is a durable sideseals and a long-life mix chamber to reduce the frequency of maintenance andpossible downtime.
  • GracoProbler P2: This is a commonchoice for experienced contractors, especially those who frequently performconcrete lifting. It is a more rudimentary model than the Fusion AP but has aclassic design that many seasoned contractors prefer. 

Graco Air Compressors

Air compressors are an important part of yourrig. If you use a pneumatic spray foam machine, then a powerful air compressoris needed to operate the proportioning pump. It is also necessary to operateother pneumatic tools.

Air purge style guns like the Graco Fusion AP also need an air compressor for proper operation. Graco provides a complete air compressor kit that makes it easy to have everything in place. This kit includes a rack, compressor, air dryer, and tank that are ready to be installed in your rig. This component is a must to complete your spray foam rig to ensure productivity.

Graco Spray Equipment for Sale

Intech Equipment and Supply is a full-servicespray foam equipment and parts supplier. Because we are a top Gracodistributor, we have all the latest and best equipment in stock.

Contact us. we'd love to talk about your equipment, spray foam rig, and accessory needs.

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