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By Kevin Malone

Intech is a Top Roofing Supplier for Spray FoamEquipment

To make a roof that is both seamless and moisture-resistant, you need specialized roofing supplies and accessories. Proportioners and SPF guns work together to apply spray foam which insulates and protects roofs from UV rays, various impacts, rain, and extreme temperatures. Insulation also boosts the R-value of structures to make them more energy-efficient. However, without a functional set of equipment, it's impossible to create good quality spray foam with lasting results.

To stay competitive in this industry, contractors need a good proportioner, gun, sprayer, and other spray foam accessories. Intech Equipment and Supply has been a leading supplier of quality spray foam equipment for over 20 years. Our experienced team is ready to speak with you to connect you with the roof coating systems that can help you apply SPF with success.

Spray Foam Roofing Proportioners

Spray foam roofing applications range from high to low volume jobs depending on the coating needs of the structure. Here are the two reactors that Graco specifically recommends on their website for roofing applications:

  • High Volume: Contractors who typically work with big commercial buildings will need a turnkey system like the Reactor 2 E-30i Elite with high-output capabilities. This reactor will help you cover a lot of ground in a short period. The Reactor 2 is up to the challenge of producing consistently seamless spray foam coatings to cover a large area with ease.
  • Low to Mid-Volume: Contractors who work with smaller commercial or residential jobs may prefer a small to mid-tier system that is easily maneuverable. These smaller, precise applications are important in instances where you need to insulate where two different roof types meet. Smaller output machines are also useful when insulating underneath roofs or flashings to provide even more sealing for seams and to guard your building against water damage. The Gusmer GH-2 Reactor is a highly versatile machine that is useful in the application of roof insulation, rim and band joists, while also being useful for other SPF applications.

In roofing, touch-ups are also common. Instead of being slowed down by transporting a high-output machine that can weigh over 300 lbs, a smaller machine is handy. PMC has recently come out with the highly compact PF-1600 pneumatic machine that weighs a mere 160 lbs and has a decent output of 16 lbs per minute. It's ideal for small roof insulation jobs or touch-ups that are common after covering a lot of space at once.

Spray Foam Guns for Roofing

Roofing spray foam insulation needs to beapplied evenly and quickly so that the materials can set and expand in time.Speed and accuracy are important, especially when contractors are restrictedwithin a certain time period to apply the spray foam. Depending on the type ofjob that's at hand, you could need a gun for high-volume application or anotherone for precise, low-output work.

  • PMC's PX-7 Mechanical purge gun is personally recommended by the brand as a gun that is ideal forroofing applications as well as slab jacking. It weighs 4.3 lbs without thecoupling block and is fully capable of handling high-output jobs with itsmaximum production rate of 50 lbs per minute.
  • Graco's D-Gun plural component spray gun isgreat for sealing tighter areas like roofing joists and the areas where tworoofs meet. It's best suited for small to mid-range output foam applications.Choose between different mixing chamber sizes to adapt the spray pattern andflow to meet your needs.

Graco also personally recommends their Fusion Air Purge gun, GX-7, and GX-8 guns that you can find at our store. The Fusion AP is known for its convenient air blast tip technology while the GX guns are another great option for low-output roofing needs.

Roofing Accessories

No roofing job is complete without the right accessories. Whether you need a ladder, some safety equipment, or handy solutions to get you out of an unexpected situation, our vetted collection of roofing equipment parts and accessories is sure to keep your best foot forward. Here is an example of a useful accessory what we carry.

  • The Red Dragon Roof Dryer is your best allywhen the weather's not going your way. When it gets humid and wet, take backcontrol and get conditions dry enough to finish the job on time. Save yourselftime and stress by enabling your crew to get back to work when you have a handytool like this in your spray foam rig.

Intech Is a Top Roofing Supplierfor Spray Foam Equipment

Intech Equipment and Supply is a proud roofing supplier for diverse spray foaminsulation applications.

Contact us to see what we have in stock and how we can supply your business with the machines, guns, and accessories that will elevate your productivity to the next level.

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