What Is the Most Reliable Portable Diesel Generator?

By Kevin Malone

With any piece of equipment you use at a job site, you need it to work reliably and efficiently, which applies equally to diesel generators. They have to deliver the required power to get the job done while working under heavy loads and long periods.

Intech Equipment & Supply carries a full lineup of robust and reliable diesel generators for sale. Our expert team can help you find the right size and fit for your business. We often recommend WINCO generators, American-made products from a company that has been around since the 1920s. WINCO generators are sturdy, reliable, and durable when you do not have ready access to shore power.

What Makes Diesel Generators Reliable?

When looking for the most reliable diesel generator, there are several key factors to remember. Here are some of the key features the most reliable generators will have.

Sturdy Construction

Generators need to perform in rugged environments, so you need something that can handle the type of job sites you work on. Look for diesel generators built for increased durability.  

Other important features include:

  • Powder coat painting for a strong finish
  • EPA-approved steel fuel tanks
  • Copper windings for longer lift and motor starting
  • Premium circuit breakers that provide immediate identification of a tripped circuit

High-Performance Engine

The engine driving your generator will make a big difference. Briggs & Stratton and Honda are among the industry leaders in generator engines and built to be workhorses for a long time.

Safety Features

You want to keep your equipment running safely and prevent any damage or downtime. When looking at a diesel generator for sale, pay attention to its safety features, such as low-oil protection to automatically shut down the engine when oil gets too low, preventing damage. Other must-haves include GFCI protection and compliance with OSHA and NEC regulations.


When your generator is in use, you need an easy way to ensure it’s working at peak performance. Consider a unit with an LED meter that tracks hours of use, RPMs, voltage, frequency, and load. Some will warn when parameters are outside of normal ranges or when it is time to change the oil.


With proper care, diesel generators can last for decades. If a problem occurs, you want to be able to do a little field repair work. So, you will want to ensure you can easily remove panels to access whatever you need.

Load Testing

For extra reliability, look for diesel generators that have been load tested. Some companies do statistical sampling, meaning they only test a few of the generators they build. The best companies will test every unit that comes off the production line.

Clean Power

The best diesel generators for sale will provide clean power. Also called pure sine wave, this provides a more stable and consistent voltage level to avoid surges that can damage equipment. This reduces harmonic distortion.


Diesel generators are more efficient than gas-powered models, which is good because diesel fuel can be expensive. Generators that work efficiently are less likely to break down.


You want to buy from a company that backs its products with a robust warranty if something goes wrong. The best diesel generators for sale will offer a multi-year warranty. This provides assurance that if there is an issue, you can get high-quality replacement parts and service.

Find the Most Reliable Diesel Generators for Your Business

One important factor in reliability is right-sizing your generator for the type of work you do, the load you will put on it, and what you need to power. The professionals at Intech Equipment & Supply can help you find the right-size generator for your needs and recommend optional accessories to make the job easier.

When you work with Intech Equipment & Supply, you get a team of industry pros with more than 150 combined years of field experience. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and support to ensure you get exactly what you need to power your business.

When you are looking for diesel generators, call the experts at Intech Equipment & Supply at 866-652-9975 or contact us online.

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