What Is the Best Equipment for Spray Foam Insulation

By Kevin Malone

What is the best equipment for spray foam insulation will depend on the types of jobs you are doing, the type of foam and coatings you plan on spraying, and your budget. The experts at Intech Equipment and Supply can help you find the perfect fit for your needs at an affordable price so you can focus on growing your business.

Whether you are starting up your spray foam business, adding to your fleet, or replacing mission-critical machines, Intech Equipment and Supply can provide the expert guidance you need.

Spray Foam Insulation Equipment

Here are some of the top sellers and best equipment on the market today for spray foam machines, spray foam guns, and mobile spray foam rigs.

Spray Foam Machines

The spray foam machine will be the workhorse of your spray foam insulation equipment. There are three types to choose from, depending on the type of job you plan to do:

  • Entry-level and light residential contractors typically choose air-driven spray foam machines.
  • Mid-level jobs often require a heavier-duty electric spray foam machine that can be plugged into existing power sources.
  • Large-scale job contractors typically choose a hydraulic spray foam machine for higher output, which requires a generator for power.

Each type of machine has different levels of output and performance. While you may want to go for the most powerful machine you can afford, there is value in right-sizing your equipment to the types of jobs you to get the best possible return.

Some of the best equipment on the market at each level include the lineup of Graco spray foam insulation equipment:

Portable and Entry Level

  • Graco Reactor E-10
  • Graco Reactor A-25
  • Graco Reactor E-20


  • Graco Reactor 3, E-20
  • Graco Reactor 2, E-30
  • Graco Reactor 2, H-30


  • Graco Reactor 3, E-20
  • Graco Reactor 2, H-40
  • Graco Reactor, H-50

Finding the right proportioner for your spray foam insulation equipment is crucial to right-sizing your equipment. The experts at Intech Equipment and Supply can provide you with all the information you need to make the best decision for your business.

Besides Graco spray foam insulation equipment, Intech Equipment and Supply also carries machines from other top manufacturers.

Spray Foam Guns

You will need a top-quality spray foam gun to apply SPC efficiently. Since the chemical reactions between your A and B materials will mix in the spray foam gun, you do not want to skimp on quality. Otherwise, you be left dealing with overspray, under-spray, or clogs. Clogs are especially nasty because you may need to shut down a project for maintenance. The best spray foam guns will have superior purging power to clear and prevent clogs.

Mechanical purge spray foam guns use a valving rod that slides in and out to manage the material flow. Air purge spray foam guns have a mixing chamber that moves back and forth and a blast of air to keep material from curing in the mixing chamber. Liquid purge spray foam guns flush out the mixing chamber with cleaning solvents.

Some of the more popular spray foam guns include:

Mechanical Purge Guns

  • Graco GX7
  • Graco GX8

Air Purge Guns

Liquid Purge Guns

  • Graco Fusion ClearShot (CS)

Spray Foam Rigs

Spray foam rigs are used to haul and store your spray foam equipment and accessories. You can choose a towable trailer, mini-trailer, or several sizes of box trucks for your spray foam insulation equipment. The type of enclosure you need will depend on the size of your equipment and the size of your jobs.

Intech Equipment and Supply offers several types and sizes of spray foam rigs, including customization and turnkey solutions for businesses of all sizes. The SPF experts at Intech Equipment and Supply can help you design the perfect rig using Graco or PMC products.

Find Top Brands and Expert Spray Foam Insulation Equipment

Intech Equipment and Supply has been providing the best spray foam insulation equipment since 1995. A full-service distributor for top brands, Intech Equipment and Supply offers contractor spray foam equipment, mobile spray foam rigs, parts, education, training, and troubleshooting.

With more than 150 years of combined experience in residential and commercial SPF applications, our team of certified experts can help you find the best equipment and custom solutions for your contracting business.

Contact Intech Equipment and Supply today. Ask about our current promotions and financing options.

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