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The first step in the selection process is deciding if your Graco Reactor needs to be Hydraulic, Electric, or an Air driven reactor.

Air driven reactors are for entry level jobs, that require a lower output application than given from an electric or hydraulic reactor. The Reactor A-25 model is easy to operate, and has very minimal system feedback to the operator.

Electric reactors are typically the most common, and are durable and safe with mid to high output applications. The E-10 and E-20 are among this line up of reactors – providing a great performance for the price point. As the operator, you get system diagnostics and material data for total control over your equipment.

Hydraulic reactors are at the head of the class, and are for the high output applications required for large-scale applications. This is considered the best value in the proprotioner line up, and provides the top performance. Designed with in-plant OEMs in mind, the Hydraulic series of reactors is known for its consistent performance and for providing operators with data and diagnostics from complete control.

View equipment information, find product manuals, and compare models right here online. The Graco reactors boast fluid sections with quick knockdown, and easily integrated optional reporting features. For spray foam equipment and more, Graco at the Intech Equipment and Supply online store has all of your bases covered. The selection process starts from the ground up right here with the line up of proportioners, followed by choosing your heated and whip hoses, your spray gun, and your processing equipment. Contact us today for further assistance!


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