5 Reasons to Buy a Graco Industrial Sprayer

By Kevin Malone

Gracoindustrial sprayers play a vital role in practically everyfacet of industrial construction. From reinforcing existing buildings toprotecting new constructions, Graco spray pumps can apply a variety of coatings. Whether youneed to waterproof a watercraft, seal concrete, pave a road, or paint theexterior of a massive building, a Gracoindustrial sprayer can do the hard jobs that require impressivegear.

When you need to meet high-demand jobs,standard sprayers can fall short in comparison to industry favorites. Graco hasexperience in manufacturing fluid-handling equipment for over 100 years and hascreated some of the industry's best industrial sprayers. If you want your nextcoating to last, you should have this Graco product in your rig. Here are fivereasons to buy a Graco industrial sprayer.

1) Because Graco Industrial SprayersSet the Standard

With over 100 years of establishing trust inthe construction industry, Graco has set the standard for fluid-handlingequipment that ranges from spray foam machines to industrial sprayers. When youbuy Gracospray pumps, you aresimply getting one of the best choices on the market. Also, all Graco productsare backed by a guarantee that is hard to find elsewhere.

2) Because Graco Industrial SprayersAre Thoughtfully Made

The fine details separate standard productsfrom excellent ones. Graco sprayers consider the user's time and convenience,and not just performance. For example, the GH 733 is equipped with Graco'sexclusive Xtreme? Pump, which offers the latest in high-pressure technology. Italso comes with a QuikChange pump section with XtremeSeal? for maximumdurability and life. This makes maintenance and troubleshooting much quickerthan with another type of sprayer.

3) Because Graco Industrial SprayersAre a Good Value

Though it is possible to find cheaper sprayerson the market, it is important to consider the equipment's versatility, power,and lifetime value. Will the sprayer be able to process the materials you need,and will its cost per lifetime value be worth it? Or, will you need to buymultiple types of cheaper sprayers to get the range you need? A versatile GH 833can solve your problem and offer you impressive value and durability for longlife and wide range of use.

4) Because Graco Industrial SprayersCan Process Difficult-to-Atomize Materials

While other machines may struggle to keep up, Graco produces rugged sprayers that can atomize even the most difficult materials. The GH 933 has an impressively high maximum pressure 7250 PSI. It is also known as one of the most powerful industrial sprayers. When you need high flow, heavier coverage, or use long hose lines, this machine can keep the flow steady and strong. 

5) Because Graco Is a StableCompany

Buying machinery from a stable company offersmany benefits. First of all, there is more available knowledge about theproducts, such as product diagrams, Graco experts, and tech support.

Graco also produces ample replacement partsand offers warranties for new equipment. This makes it easier to fix a sprayerthat requires maintenance. There is also more familiarity with Graco spray pumps andindustrial sprayers and their typical needs, so getting help for your productis easier than with a product from an obscure company without a lot of history.

Why Buy Graco Industrial Sprayers from Intech?

Simply put, buying industrial sprayers from Intech Equipment and Supply is a boutique experience. Intech Equipment and Supply are on the HCPC Top 20 Distributor list for protective coatings equipment. The standards to meet on this list are stringent. The distributor must excel in multiple categories like local service and support, training, technical support, dedicated sales staff, custom solutions, and on-hand inventory.

At our store, you will find the mostup-to-date industry favorites like the GH-733, which has a powerful Honda?engine with an electric starter and a rugged, heavy-duty steel frame. The GH-833is another favorite for its ability to spray a wide range of materials. We alsohave some of the most powerful industrial sprayers, like the GH-300 hydraulicairless sprayer and GH-933 that is perfect for long hose runs or processingdifficult-to-atomize materials.

Our staff has the expertise to discern whichof our offerings suit your needs. Simply give us a call and tell us what youare looking for. We have a vast background in Graco products and have usedthese machines ourselves, so we know how to recommend something that works andthat falls within your budget and application needs.

If money is ever anissue, take advantage of our convenient financing options. For moreinformation, check out our financing calculator.We also have options for used equipment, which can offer even more savings.

Graco IndustrialSprayers for Sale at Intech Equipment & Supply

Intech Equipment andSupply offers the latest spray foam equipment, training, and comprehensivecustomer support. If you are interested ina Graco industrial sprayer, speak with oursales team today.

Contact us.Our team is ready to meet your unique equipment and accessory needs.

About Kevin Malone
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